DivoSaga December 2014 God Revolution Results & Review

Hey guys, this is my first post about DivoSaga – an online hybrid RPG+RTS (real-time strategy) webgame with most of the players from Southeast Asia. I’d been playing this game for almost 2 years already and in this post, I’ll put the results as well as some opinions about the results of God Revolution (Class Wars) in this month of December 2014. Let’s just say that this is a year end review of DivoSaga’s God Revolution, which is also one of the most anticipated events of the players every month.

Let me describe God Revolution briefly, it is the part of the game where players that belong in their respective classes or jobs fight with each others. There are three classes in the game namely: Warrior (Knight), Ranger (Archer) and Wizard (Mage).Most of the players participate in the event just to have some fun, measure their characters, obviously get useful rewards while some, simply battle for their honor or pride (this is for those strong players who already got all the rewards from the previous months).

There are at least 20 servers on the game with most of the professional and strong established players from old servers. These players dominates the God Revolution while some hard cashiers from new server also got some decent scores and performance in the events.

In this month’s God Revolution, the results are kinda different from what most of the players are expecting; probably because some of the strong players that are expecting to get some decent rank are absent during the match. You can see the current champions below:DivoSaga God Revolution Dec. 2014


In the three classes, the results for Wizard and Ranger might be different if some of the prominent players are present during the game but it happened that they are absent. While some players complain, that they are experiencing too much lag or delay issues during the finals.

For the case of the ranger, people are expecting that Raijin (a prominent player in the game as well as the player that holds the most number of victory in ranger’s God Revolution) is absent. Thus, this gives big chances to other players to win the title. We can see that Rains07 is the champion this month, leading one points against last month’s winner “Angel” who is now in the 2nd place. People are expecting for 4 names that will battle the top spot for ranger and that names are: Raijin, Rains07, Angel and Frost but during the game Frost didn’t participate in the preliminary and Raijin is absent in the finals. Rains07 and Angel fought for the top spot and I heard that many people are betting for Angel rather than Rains, and the result is a too much dismay for those players.

For mage, Felicia who got the highest battle rating in the finals is also absent and as far as I knew, Felicia and Raijin both belong to same owner. Now, that Felicia is absent, the battle for the top spot is between Lords and XfiendX with the latter having the victory. Another new name in the top spots is Yokoshiro who had been in the 4th or 5th place in mage’s God Revolution for the past few months. Last month’s winner LuluMage didn’t participated in God Revolution thus, giving more chances to other players to get the title. Other players who previously won the God Revolution for mage also struggle to get a decent rank with JNK9084v (winner of April 2014) ended up in rank 6 and SoftTouch (winner of January 2014) got 11th place.

For warrior, there’s no big deal with the result as Austinjet79 won warrior’s God Revolution several times in the past. Most of the time, he and Morpheus (the game’s strongest player in terms of power) won alternately; since Austin won on October, Morpheus won last November and now, Austin won again.


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