Eurovision 2015: Elhaida Dani is Albania’s Representative for ESC 2015

Elhaida Dani

Elhaida Dani

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will takes place on May but we need to prepare ourselves now as daily dosage of ESC news will surely comes rushing in the internet. Each countries is now preparing for their national selectrion while some are going to choose their representatives internally. I am sure that everyone is really excited to see this year’s Eurovision and this time, it is the magnificent city of Vienna that will host the contest for the second time, the first is way back on 1967.

Some countries already have their representative and their song for the competition and one of those countries is Albania. Last year, I am one of those viewers that wish for Hersi to qualify to the finals with her song “One Night’s Anger”; unfortunately she doesn’t make it. Well, it is a new hope for Albanian people as they finally have their official representative in ESC 2015 after the national selection finished last December 28 with Elhaida Dani as the victor.

The 21 year old singer will represent Albania with her emotional ballad entry “Diell” at Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna on May 2015. The song was composed by Aldo Shllaku, with the lyrics written by Viola Trebicka and Sokol Marsi.

So, check Elhaida Dani’s performance below and feel free to give your comment.


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