Digimon Adventure tri’ have a new visual profiles for Taichi and Agumon

Digimon Adventure tri Taichi and AgumonHey guys, as the time for the premiere of Digimon Adventure tri is approaching, we are slowly getting astouding, enticing and promising pieces of information about the return of our favorite DigiDestined children and their partner digimons. Since Digimon Adventure tri won’t be out until spring we have to feed our excitement with some tidbits of news about the new anime.

In fact, the March issue of Shueisha’s V Jump will feature one of our favorite character from Digimon, I am talking about Taichi (Tai Kamiya in English dub). They had published the new character design of the 17 year old Taichi together with his partner digimon ‘Agumon’.

As we all know, Digimon Adventure tri’ will be directed by Keitaro Motonaga (Rayearth), and Yuuko Kakihara (Heaven’s Lost Property) will act the series script supervisor with Atsuya Uki (Cencoroll) providing the character designs. With these caliber building the Digimon Adventure tri, we can expect an amazing anime to surprise us in spring, probably, it will be nostalgic.


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