Go! Princess Precure Anime Wallpaper

Go! Princess Precure PosterToei Animation new anime’s Go! Princess Precure will premiere on February 1 and I am pretty sure that everyone is just excited to see a new set of girls to capture our imagination. In this new anime, the keyword is “princess” and the source of the their power is “dreams”, that’s just easy to say but we can’t really fathom what it takes to the Precures, isn’t it? Well, Go! Princess Precure story is set in Noble Academy, (fyi) this is also the first boarding junior high school in the Precure franchise. It revolves around the excitement of having a dorm life, coming of age adventure while living with your friends as well as the anxiety of being separated from family and new life among roommates.

One day, the “Princess Precures” were revived by the Princess Perfume (and Kanata’s dress-shaped “Dress-Up Key” that unlocks the Princess Perfume’s power), and Haruka transforms into the flower princess Cure Flora. When unleashing their special signature moves, the Princess Precures’ outfits turn into magnificent princess-like Mode Elegant long dresses. (Animenewsnetwork.com)

Go! Princess Precure Haruka

Haruka Haruno

Kirara Amanogawa

Kirara Amanogawa


Minami Kaidō

Minami Kaidō

Prince Hope Grand Kanata

Prince Hope Grand Kanata

Go! Princess Precure 101

Go! Princess Precure 102


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