Go! Princess Precure Anime’s 3rd Trailer Introduces Cure Twinkle

A third trailer for the upcoming Go! Princess Precure anime has been streamed by Toei Animation this Sunday. It is featuring the character Kirara Amanogawa who will be known as star princess Cure Twinkle. In the video, the heroine Haruka (voiced by Yu Shimamura) narrates the trailer as she introduce Cure Twinkle. Go! Princess Precure will start to air on February 1 and Cure Twinkle will be voiced by Hibiki Yamamura, so be ready for it everyone!

Go! Princess Precure - Cure Twinkle

Hibiku Yamamura (Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s Haruna) plays Kirara Amanogawa, Haruka’s classmate who is a popular fashion model and the star princess Cure Twinkle. She is a stylish person who does things at her own tempo. She has appeared in magazines and fashion shows, and is busy every day. Her dream is “to become a top model,” and she has the strength to push herself unwaveringly towards her dream. (Animenewsnetwork.com)


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