Sailor Moon Crystal Unveils Black Moon’s Cast Visual Designs

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Clan

Sailor Moon Crystal Black Moon Clan

Hey guys, let’s meet the cast and character design of Black Moon Clan as the official website of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon introduced them last Monday.

Among them is Mamoru Miyano who plays Prince Demande who is aiming for both the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon herself. Tsubasa Yonaga will play the alchemist Saphir who harbors misgivings about his older brother Demande’s ambitions yet still supports him. Rubeus who is using followers in order to subjugate the Saior Senshi for Demande will be played by Hiroki Takahashi while Houko Kuwashima plays Esmeraude, the sole woman in the group. In addition, she also harbors feelings for Demande, thus this may her to attack Sailor Moon if she have some envious nature.

The Black Moon arc, the anime’s second season, features Chibiusa, Sailor Pluto, and other characters and launched earlier this month. The Black Moon Clan will start appearing in the anime in episode 15 on February 7.


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