The Best Hotel Resort in Capiz

Espacio Verde Garden Villas Abuelo

The facade of Espacio Verde’s Clubhouse

Hey guys, i’d started my new job as a reservation agent in one of the newest hotel in the province of Capiz, Philippines and that’s Espacio Verde Garden Villas. I’d been enticed by working on this property because the owners are warm, friendly and the staff are interesting.

Although i have this new job, I’m still doing updates on my anime blog “Yu Alexius” and random crappy stuffs on my Tumblr “iamxernest.” Meanwhile, I’d created a new Tumblr account “The Green Space” dedicated for food and travel so I can freely promote Espacio Verde Garden Villas and Resort on the web which I think is my real domain and strength. I just hope that my experienced as an online marketing tactician and researcher will help in this new journey.

Enough of all those personal talks, i’ll discuss about our hotel,  Espacio Verde Garden Villas. We have four room types for now, the Executive Suite, Lagoon View Suite, Garden View Suite, and the Bridal Suite. We also had an in-house restaurant, the Abuelo and our villas are name after the Spanish translation of some popular flowers. The resort also had a swimming pool for both kids and adults, and there’s the refreshing sight of lagoon where people can go boating and see the fishes swim.

With all the stuffs, amenities and services in Espacio Verde Garden Villas, I can say that it is currently the best hotel resort in Capiz.

Check out some of the amazing photos of the hotel and its facilities.

For reservations, kindly email: or contact +63 36 620 3734.


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