Capiz’s Hidden Gem: The Olotayan Island

Olotayan Island

The magnificent Olotayan Island in Roxas City, Capiz

The province of Capiz may not be among the most popular places in the Philippines and it has even called the Land of Aswang (which is not true), however it is blessed with untouched beauty of nature, ordinary citizens having a peaceful way of living, and delicious sea foods that can be found in its waters. Its capital, Roxas City has been dubbed as the sea food capital of the Philippines due to its bountiful and scrumptious sea foods especially the various types of shell fish, muscles, crab, prawns and oysters.

Capiz also house the biggest bell in Asia which is located in the municipality of Panay that can be found in the belfry of Sta. Monica Church which is also the oldest church in the province. The 300 year-old church is one of the most popular destination in the province aside from the well-known Suhot cave and Suhot spring situated in the mountainous municipality of Dumalag.

Olotayan Island 1

Olotayan Island, Capiz. Photo credit to

However, one of the under develop yet potential tourist destination in the province is the island barangay of Olotayan.  It is a tiny piece of land but big enough to support a small town and blessed with pristine beaches and white shores made of limestone. The water is crystal clear in the island that it gives off that charismatic untouched beauty of the sea with fresh atmosphere. There are also plenty of fishes and shell fish that beautify the island and made one stay a memorable and delectable experience.

Similar to big cities, Roxas City also offers lots of fun stuff to do, delicious cuisines and amazing adventures. There are museum that showcase the Capizenos heritage and the on-going development of Pueblo de Panay, a big area within the city planned to become the province’s financial, commercial and cultural center. There are big shopping malls that can accommodate the guest necessities, and astounding resorts, to name a few is the luxurious Espacio Verde Resort and Garden Villas.

As I conclude the post, I would like to invite everyone to visit Capiz and experience the magnificent yet simple adventure one can experience in this peaceful and truly enticing province. The pristine beaches of Olotayan Island, the delightful cuisines, serene river cruise, and incomparable hospitality from the people are waiting for you.


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