Extreme Wanderlust: Sweden

Boat on TorneträskHey guys, I have created this new Facebook page titled “Extreme Wanderlust,” my goal is to share random pictures collected from the web about astounding pictures of nature and adventure. I, myself have this terrible urge to travel to remote places and witness the wonders of nature, that’s why I’m now workin’ hard so I can travel on my own in the near future.

Alright, so my first post under the category Extreme Wanderlust is about the stunning country from Scandinavia, Sweden. It’s actually the country that I badly wants to visit, well I love snow, I like cold weather, the view of serene northern lights and mountain ranges, the tranquil lakes, the Norway Spruce, Scot pines and its beautifully landscape surrounded by deciduous trees.

The following photos taken by adventurers, bloggers and photographers that embarked on an adventurous journey on Sweden to capture these magnificent faces of Sweden.



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