Highly Anticipated Anime Shows of Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Anime Line upSummer is coming and for anime fanatics, otakus and alike, a new adventure is about to begin as new set of anime shows will premiere and bring delight to our weeks. I am one of those anime fanatics who is excited for the arrival of summer because the sequels of some of my favorite shows from 2015 is back to continue the story. I already posted the Summer 2016 Anime Lineup on my main blog (Yu Alexius) and in this post, I’ll just share some of the anime series that I badly want to see this season.

  1. First in the list is Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu, it is the second season of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. I am glad that it is returning but also sad because there are only eight (8) episodes in it. Anyway, this is the part of the story where we can see Arslan declare a war against Hermes and he aim to reclaim the capital city of Ectabana from the Lusitanian invaders with the help of his dear allies and friends. Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu
  2. Second is Handa-kun, it is the prequel of the 2014 slice-of-life anime Barakamon which is also one of my all-time favorite anime series. Handa-kun focused on the life of Sei Handa on his high school days as he live his life as a calligraphy genius engulf with anxiety. Handa-kun (TV Anime)
  3. Orange. I had read the manga and it is actually one of the best I had read so far on its respective genre. Well, the only thing I can suggest to everyone who will watch this is to prepare themselves to weep as it is a very dramatic story. Orange (TV Anime)
  4. Since I always have a thing for light drama with relaxing atmosphere, fourth in this list is Amaama to Inazuma. It may not have an intense storylines or fight scenes but I am expecting for some vivid animation and delightful story that will warm my heart this summer. Amaama to Inazuma (TV Anime)
  5. Lastly is Qualidea Code, it is an original anime work from A-1 Pictures and it somehow reminds of Kiznaiver. Well, I was really on the hype about this anime and I just wish that it will meet my expectation. Qualidea Code (TV Anime)

This is my Top 5 anime that I badly want to see this summer of 2016. What about you, what anime you are looking forward to see this summer? Feel free to drop a comment and let us know, so we may also check that out.


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