Paella Cravings 101

abuelo-paellaIt sure feel nice to have a relaxing seat in a destination surrounded by lush verdant scenery, a view of the serene lagoon, a pool with gigantic slides where you can see people having fun, and a marvelous palatable dishes on your plate. That’s what you get at Espacio Verde Resort. Their foods are substantially amazing, enticing and drool-inducing.

The best that I can recommend from their Spanish-inspired restaurant “Abuelo” is their classic paella dishes with different varieties. Yeah, it’s not just your ordinary paella dishes that you can find on the streets or at your home. However, it sure gives off the homy feeling and tastes great with various stuffs puts into it.

They have 4 varieties of paella dishes at Abuelo namely: Abuelo’s Paella, Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra, and Beef Sinigang Paella.


Abuelo’s Paella

Abuelo’s best-seller delicacy is its Abuelo’s Paella. Among its ingredients are the following seafoods (which are the best of what Roxas City can offer): clams, mussels, squid, prawns, tomato broth.

They also upgraded the classic Filipino dish “Paella Valenciana”, it has chicken, chorizon, saffron, tomato, bell peppers, and green peas as main ingredients.


Beef Sinigang Paella

Their “Beef Sinigang Paella” is a delicious food you shouldn’t miss while in the area. It has crispy shredded beef short ribs, garlic, sitaw, and kangkong. Now, that sounds and seriously looks a healthy meal.


Paella Negra

The latest addition in their paella dishes is “Paella Negra” and as its name suggest it graciously colored in black due to Squid’s ink. Among its ingredients are squid, clams, mussels, and poached egg.

Did you have that tummy-rumbling experience just by now. If yes,  you should try to dine at Abuelo in Espacio Verde Garden Villas as soon as possible and have a taste of Roxas City’s best.


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