Top 5 Josei Anime Of All Time!

So glad to see Honey & Clover in this list.

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Spoiler Alert:There are no spoilers. Ha! Made you look! 😀 

What’s a mix of realism and romanticism? Josei! Loosely translated as “women” in Japanese, Josei anime refer to series that have a combination of genres appealing to female audiences. Josei anime is targeted towards late teens to adult audiences because of their mature storytelling and realistic no-fluff tone.

At Otaku Village India, we’ve always talked about shonen and shojo or categorized anime to one particular genre, but it’s time we got down to business and listed out what makes Josei anime truly Josei. Here are the top five josei anime of all time, listed in no particular order:

Paradise Kiss 

A true drama show that’s incomparable to other shojo or romantic classics. Paradise Kiss is the story of a young study bug who ventures out to become a fashion model in the later part of the series…

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