.hack//Sign Marathon – On anxiety, social separation, friendship, acceptance in otherworldly experience

Just when I thought that Sword Art Online (SAO) had been the forefathers of isekai (trapped in a different world) genre and then this classic anime franchise had proved me wrong big time. 


I had stumbled upon this anime “.hack//Sign” – an adventure-fantasy anime set in a world inside a game called “The World”. It is very similar with Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Overlord, and similar isekai anime of today’s generation. The world setting is pretty peculiar and interesting though as it actually created a fantasy world separated from the real life. 

I wouldn’t really delve that much deeper into its story as it is actually kind of boring with not much action at all, but the plot is truly mesmerizing and enticing on which you’ll question your own sanity.


On a more personal note, I could somehow relate myself to the struggles of most of the characters from this anime. From Tsukasa’s anti-social behavior, Mimiru’s longing for friendship, BT’s insecurities, and Subaru’s powerlessness despite of her great ideals. This anime had bring forth those emotions and weaknesses which is natural to humans but we’re usually restraint. As an introvert, these struggles of .hack//Sign characters had been experienced by my effing self in the past and still striving to overcome these weaknesses until now. 

What I enjoy about .hack//Sign is that is offers a meditating aspects with its music and refreshing visuals. The simple flow of story with the dialogue of every characters while keeping a lot of things mystical and at the same time ambiguous. As someone who have a series of random anxiety attacks and struggling with insecurities, .hack//Sign had a healing effect on my end and somehow gave me a tiny glimpse to look at things differently with a silver ling in it. 


In the end, the 26-episodes of .hack//Sign is an entertaining and meditating experience despite of having a boring scenes by mundane standards. It’s a highly recommended anime show though for people who goes beyond action scenes, and cliche story. Plus, it’s soundtrack is seriously godlike, one of a kind and probably one of the anime with the best sets of music ever.

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