I Tweeted Him “I Like Him” and then it’s Gone

Oh hi, I’d been pretty weird or insane recently, possibly because of too much exhaustion at work. Believe me or not, I’ve been pretty ambiguous lately and I even wonder if December hates me big time but nonetheless, I’m so thankful with my works despite of so many backslash on my mental state and physical health.

However, I wasn’t here to rant about my work, I’ve been doing good I guess despite of that guy resigning few weeks ago. But definitely I’m not really that motivated or inspired but of course, I shouldn’t rely my mood on other people’s existence. That’s something that I should’ve learnt in my 26 years of existence, or so I thought.

Anyway, yesterday I’ve been on a rampage for so many confusing reasons and my co-worker/close friend dared me to do something peculiar and I said I’ll confess how I truly felt to Melvin despite of that rather ‘normal’ guy resigning already. So my close friend whom I shall refer with the name “Dyosa” dared me if I could tell Melvin about how I felt which seriously had been on my mind for all this time. I’ve even planned to tell him about this during his last day at work but I couldn’t find the timing or maybe, it’s just me being obnoxiously weird or shy once again. So Dyosa, eventually said that my confession may be rather normal as she thought that Melvin already knew about how I felt which I believed to be true somehow. ‘Saaary guys, I’m just quite flirty, seriously or possibly. So, I actually tweeted him that I like him all this time, then after few minutes I opened my Instagram and saw him posted a new picture which I really find adorable. Then, shockt, I checked the comment section and saw his girl gave a response and I was like, “Shit, I felt stupid tweeting him that I like him” and then I went to Twitter looking for that tweet in order to delete it. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t find it. I actually can’t find it, and so I calm down and just ignore it, if he’ll give a response I’ll accept whatever it is though I am expecting him to reply a “I know right”. Haha. 

Then, the next morning I saw my Twitter newsfeed and saw that he did gave a reply. At first, I thought it’s pretty funny, and just a very ordinary answer from him. Until I realized moments later that his reply is actually referring to a different conversation between the two of us. That’s the time that the a theory sink in to my head. What if I only type that confession and never actually posted it. Dang, I am both happy and sad for some unknown reason. But since I am an annoying bastard, I replied to him stated “Oh hey, I actually tweeted you a message but I couldn’t find it”. Something stupid just to caught his attention possibly. 

Anyway, I’m done with this rant and hope you guys wouldn’t find me creepy but seriously I am. Maybe, I have to finally accept the fact that I have a heavy dosage of oxymoron or so I thought. Yeah, that maybe the case. And so, good night guys though it’s actually 12:18 am already so I shall also say good morning. 

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