I’m nothing special. Bit of a bore. Bleeding heart liberal. Homo. Bad joke maker. Anime. Lunatic.

An introvert, lunatic and megalomaniac, age = unknown and a hopeless romantic in a very weird way.

I started blogging since early 2009 back when I was still a sophomore college student. It has been my dream to be a prominent blogger someday (perhaps famous and influential) in my own niche. Technically, my forte is writing Entertainment news and related stuffs but I want to start all over again on something where my heart or passion really belong (hmmmp, that’s Anime I guess). Yeah, it was anime and travelling, I want to become a travel blogger but since I am an introvert, I think being anti-social kinda hinder my way of going out to the crowd. So, I ended up writing stuffs about different adventures in the wilderness as a contrast to the topics related to city life.

To be honest, I admit that I’m not an excellent writer and sometimes, I am really paranoid for the response of some of the readers. However, I always manage to keep on writing and trying to learn from every error I made because deep within my heart, I know that to blog is my calling. (Kindly excuse the corniness)

[Update] As of 2019, I am a “dakilang tambay” at Yu Alexius Anime Portal where I usually share some random stuffs about my favorite anime shows especially the Chinese one (donghua). I have been building it since 2015 and I felt grateful that somehow it’s getting better as time goes by. Afterall, I’ve been really dreaming all this time to finally have my own established anime blog, though I believe I still have a long way to go to finally accomplished that and made a name for myself. Nonetheless, I hope that you guys will join me in this journey and let’s all share some more heavy dosage of caffeine and insanity. Cheers!

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