Soothing Morning Glances at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

What could’ve been more magical than waking up glancing the majestic sun as it rise into its full glory from the east. Paired with dazzling morning dew as soon as you open the sliding doors on your terrace, it couldn’t be more perfect that this. It truly is a fascinating view if you spend the night at Espacio Verde Resort and wake up in this astounding shades of morning light. For an enthralling and enticing view, kindly check the following morning shots at Espacio Verde.

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the leading hotel-resorts in the Province of Capiz and definitely an epitome of luxurious vacation amidst a verdantly relaxing environment.

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Location Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz 5800

Capiztahan 2017: The Best Capiztahan Festival So Far

Hey guys, I’ll gonna write some quick post about this year’s celebration of Capiztahan, an annual provincial festival in Capiz, Philippines. This year, it’s the 116th founding anniversary of the province and there’s no other way to celebrate it than showcase the native products, astoundingly delicious cuisines (seafoods cough cough), rich historical and cultural heritage, blasting street fiesta, and the first every Capiz’ International Triathlon Competition (Capiz Triaksyon). The latter is a new project of the provincial government to promote the Province of Capiz as a cultural and sports hub in the heart of the Philippines.

On my end, I seriously find Capiztahan 2017 an amazing experience and somehow rigidly tiring. Of course, I am working on a hotel in province and we have some VIP guests that stayed with us. Well, I spent 3 weeks on the graveyard shift and that was seriously terrible though I’d rather be assigned on that schedule coz sometimes, I just can’t control my antisocial nature and I might freak out dealing with so many human beings. On a separate account, I got some chances to tour around the city during those eventful days. In fact, I was able to survived going through center of the crowd together with a friend of mine. I wasn’t expecting I’ll survived that as way back in December 2016, during the Sinadya’s celebration I feel nauseous whenever I have to passed through the crowd. I guess this is a job well done on my part.

Capiz Triaksyon 2017

Importantly, Capiztahan 2017 was filled with seafood galore especially crabs, prawns, squids, fishes, seashells (Scallops, etc.) In addition, the parades of lights along the streets and the traditional ‘sadsad sa kalsada‘ (street parades) simply reflects the rich cultural background of the province. On ‘sadsad’, every municipalities of the province of Capiz displayed their versatility and creativity on delivering fantastic themed-performance. A pageant was also held in the first night of the celebration on which pretty girls from all over the province compete to obtain the title of Mutya sang Halaran sa Capiztahan. Aside from these, Capiztahan 2017 had been filled with many amazing activities and simply shows the promising future that awaits the province of Capiz if such events continues to attract both local and international tourists.

Capiztahan 2017 Seafoods Galore

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Finally, the grand fiesta ended with a big bang through the Fireworks competition that took place during the last night of the Capiztahan 2017.

Capiztahan 2017 Photos

5 Photos Proving Espacio Verde is Roxas City’s Ultimate Verdant Sanctuary

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the top-tier premises in Roxas City, Capiz when it comes to hospitality industry specializing on providing excellent hotel accommodation and scrumptious semi-fine dining cuisines. It’s the best place to unwind and spare oneself some meditating time from the stressful city life. What makes this nature-loving resort a place of grandeur and relaxation are its verdant scenery that can be found throughout the property. From their spacious and truly comfortable rooms, up to their drool-inducing seafood delicacies and heartwarming Pinoy favorite snacks, as well as its fine Spanish-Italian inspired cuisines; one can feel that awe-inspiring quality in their service and amenities. The place itself is the ultimate verdant sanctuary in Roxas City offering the perfect safe haven and Eco-friendly atmosphere. Radiant trees, serene lagoon, and magnificent flowers that blooms beautifully scattered throughout the premises providing a tranquil mood.

Here are some of those mesmerizing photos proving that Espacio Verde Resort is the best place to be in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde’s famous date palms along the promenade provides a perfect spot for a relaxing walk.

Espacio Verde Resort

Terazza is simply the place for you to have quality time with friends and family while having some sumptuous snacks surrounded by the lush and verdant flora.

Espacio Verde Resort

Enjoy the serene view of the lagoon with the majestic view of the clubhouse’s facade in the background, isn’t it magical?

Espacio Verde Resort

When staying in one of Espacio Verde’s garden villas, don’t miss the chance to witness the astounding break of dawn followed by the radiant sunrise.

Espacio Verde Resort

Walk around the premises by jogging through the promenade with the date palms on both sides while enjoying the refreshing view of the viridescent scenery.

Photo credit: Espacio Verde Resort

Food Porn at Espacio Verde Resort


Baked Oyster

There’s nothing more delightful than having a scrumptious foods on your plate while feasting your eyes upon the relaxing ambiance of mother nature. Such is always the case when dining or having a vacation at Espacio Verde Resort. A classy yet environmentally friendly resort in Roxas City, Capiz. It’s one of the top tier hotel resorts in Panay Island with focus on Spanish-inspired cuisines and architecture but filled with heartwarming Filipino hospitality.

The place is a sanctuary from the busy and stressful city life, it’s just a few minutes drive from Roxas City metropolitan area. Espacio Verde like what it names literally suggest is a place with verdant plants, flowers, trees and a serene lagoon. There’s a pool area that accommodates both adults and kids with two big slides for the guest to enjoy. The resort also have 23 suite rooms with complete hotel room amenities, and a spacious terrace area.

What’s really delighting about Espacio Verde is their classy, sumptuous dishes. They specialized on Spanish and Italian-inspired cuisines at Abuelo, while Filipino snacks and favorite dishes were also served at both Abuelo and Aquatico, as well as on other dining areas within the resort such as Veranda and Terazza.

It’s a total food porn experience once you dine-in at Espacio Verde Resort, most especially at Abuelo because of their drool-inducing and eye-popping delicious foods. Feast your eyes on some of their best-selling and truly indulging delicacies in the photo gallery below.

For more information about Espacio Verde Resort, visit this Facebook page:

Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Capiz

Roxas City at Night

Roxas City at Night. Credit: Capiznews

Luscious and fresh seafoods, alluring pristine beaches, unexplored mystical caves, and creepy blood-sucking creatures; these are some of the widely used phrases to describe the Province of Capiz. A humble but magnificent province in the heart of Philippines overflowing with delicious seafoods, verdant mountains, modest waterfalls and enchanting caves, lively locals, rich history and cultures. Capiz is known as the seafood capital of the Philippines, it is abundant with the exquisite marine life; and its rich agri-fishing industry is among the best in the country.

Capiz is one of the five provinces located in the wonderful island of Panay in Western Visayas. It covered the northeastern part of the island, comprised by 16 municipalities and 1 charted city (Roxas City). It is a province with too many natural and majestic landscapes to offer to the world. For travelers who love to experience life in the remote areas far away from city life, Capiz can offer an overwhelmingly relaxing sanctuary to you. Its untouched caves, viridescent mountain ranges and peaks and virgin beaches are the best place for you to unwind.

For people wanting to taste the scrumptious cuisines of the locals, Roxas City is the place for you. You can find eat freshly cooked seafoods in the seaport areas for a very cheap price. In fact, you can tour around the city to see, fill your eyes with the humble and merry ambiance of the locals.

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Currently, the most ambitious project in Roxas is Pueblo de Panay, dubbed as a city inside a city. It is a metropolitan project situated in the core of the city. The city is the commercial, educational, and trade center of the northern Panay Island and is considered as an emerging power in the Visayas region.

Roxas City, Capiz

Roxas City, Capiz. Credit: Panoramio

If you’re a traveler, here’s a little guide about where to stay in Roxas City and some of the best place for leisure to enjoy and have some fun with your friends, family and love ones. Continue reading

Live Closer to Nature at Espacio Verde

Espacio Verde Garden Villas Facade

Espacio Verde Garden Villas Facade

When in Roxas, Espacio Verde Resort is a destination that you shouldn’t miss to visit. It is a garden paradise situated at Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City that will surely take away the stress in your mind and body. The delightful and eco-friendly ambiance of the resort will revitalize one’s brain, body and soul. It is the perfect getaway when the city atmosphere drained the life’s out of you.

If you’re want to enjoy and have some fun with friends and family, Espacio Verde is the place for you. If you’re looking for a safe haven to unwind and relax your mind from toxicity of life, Espacio Verde Garden Villas is always open. If you wish to have a serious talk or beguiling chat with tasty foods in your plate, Abuelo will serve you the best cuisines the city of Roxas could offer. The hotel-resort also display an exquisite and regal hotel accommodations which is first-class in the province of Capiz.

Here are some of those amazingly verdant & vibrant pictures of Espacio Verde Resort:

Photo credit: Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort: Where Nature and Luxury Complement Each Other


Espacio Verde Resort Cover Photo

There’s nothing more delightful than having a perfect vacation on a place decorated by the quaint atmosphere of regal Spanish-inspired architecture combined with the relaxing ambiance of nature. A place where nature itself serve as innate decorations while complementing modern-day recreational activities is such a wonderful view to behold. In the Philippines, you’ll find plenty of magnificent places with such features. It is a country blessed with immense biodiversity especially with their verdant forests, astonishing flora and fauna; and heartwarming locals. Such place is a heaven on Earth and is perfect to unwind and relax. Among the country’s untouched treasure is the province of Capiz, situated in the heart of the Philippines known for its pristine beaches, unexplored caves, and scrumptious seafood cuisines.

In Capiz, one of the top destinations for leisure and to unwind is Espacio Verde Resort. A recreational property designed to satisfy one’s desire for a peaceful getaway while having the relaxing ambiance of viridescent trees and flowers in the surrounding area. The resort also features the sight of a refreshing lagoon inside the resort as well as several villas providing hotel accommodations.

Espacio Verde Resort has four restaurants with different set of dining menus. First is the Terazza recommended for pastime, usually good for drinking beers and tasting the resort’s classic tapas. Second is Veranda, good for outdoor dining with beautiful flowers in the surroundings; recommended for family gathering. Third is Aquatico, the poolside restaurant with home-cooked style dishes that suits the Filipino taste. The restaurant has a wide variety of dining menus ranging from appetizers, main dish, desserts, and beverages. Lastly is Abuelo, the Spanish term for “Grandpa,” it is Roxas City latest fine-dining restaurant. It is located inside the Espacio Verde Garden Villas’ clubhouse and shares the building with the hotel’s quaint foyer. Abuelo serves Spanish-inspired cuisines as well as Filipino dishes, seafoods and selected Italian dishes.

Espacio Verde Resort has an alluring outdoor pool beside Aquatico with two giant waterslides for everyone to enjoy. The pool was also located beside the serene man-made lagoon that simply adds to the majestic view in the horizon. Around the Veranda area, the surrounding is like a mini eco-park with the lagoon in one-side and various flowers especially orchids, and trees on the other side.

For a luxurious experience, Espacio Verde Garden Villas is the perfect sanctuary for you to relax and live closer to nature. The hotel has 23 rooms randomly divided in 7 villas. Each villa was named after the Spanish names of popular flowers such as Espliego (Lavender), Azalea, Zinnia, Mimosa, Clavel (Carnation), Girasoles (Sunflower), and Orquideas (Orchids). Espacio Verde Garden Villas is proud with their spacious and truly superior rooms because of its classy interior designs, exquisite and high quality furniture and amenities. Every room offered a CBTL (Coffee Bean Tea Leaf) machine for your convenience with complimentary teas and capsules. The private bathroom is spacious enough for you to relax. Every room has a terrace showcasing the verdant landscape and serene lagoon for you to savor.

Espacio Verde Garden Villas' Quaint Foyer

Espacio Verde Garden Villas’ Quaint Foyer

The lobby is so immense and serves as the archetype model of Filipino-Spanish architectures. It was decorated with Capiz’ native products Kapis Shells (can be seen in the astounding chandeliers and furniture) while Spanish influences can be traced on the wall, columns, some furniture, and the music played inside the clubhouse. The foyer and Abuelo was divided a wrought iron graciously made and design to complement the Spanish-theme of the hotel.

Espacio Verde's Abuelo

Espacio Verde’s Abuelo

Abuelo is good for a relaxing dinner (though they also offer breakfast and lunch menus) and their dishes range from enticing appetizers, savory desserts, luscious beverages, and scrumptious entrees. Among their top tier delicacies are their classic paella dishes such as Abuelo’s Paella, Paella Valenciana, Sinigang Paella, and Paella Negra; as well as the scrumptious Osso Bucco. The restaurant can accommodate at least 30 person with table set up both inside and outside (terrace area) of the clubhouse. For breakfast, snacks and beverages I highly recommend to seat in the terrace area as it feature the relaxing view of the lagoon nearby.

Indeed, Espacio Verde Resort is Capiz’ prime destination to unwind and spend timeless moments with your friends, family and special someone. It is the perfect getaway from the busy city life and stressful works. For inquiry, kindly email, or +63(036)620-3734 / +639173739596.

Photo credit to Espacio Verde Resort, Jing Batan…