Top 5 Josei Anime Of All Time!

So glad to see Honey & Clover in this list.

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Spoiler Alert:There are no spoilers. Ha! Made you look! 😀 

What’s a mix of realism and romanticism? Josei! Loosely translated as “women” in Japanese, Josei anime refer to series that have a combination of genres appealing to female audiences. Josei anime is targeted towards late teens to adult audiences because of their mature storytelling and realistic no-fluff tone.

At Otaku Village India, we’ve always talked about shonen and shojo or categorized anime to one particular genre, but it’s time we got down to business and listed out what makes Josei anime truly Josei. Here are the top five josei anime of all time, listed in no particular order:

Paradise Kiss 

A true drama show that’s incomparable to other shojo or romantic classics. Paradise Kiss is the story of a young study bug who ventures out to become a fashion model in the later part of the series…

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The Pipeline Problem and the Meritocracy Myth — Ryan Boren

‪In a structurally racist, sexist, and ableist society, hiring strictly from credentialist pipelines is exclusionary, unethical, and bad for business.‬ Overcoming diversity and inclusion pipeline problems requires adopting structural ideology and restorative practices in education and work. Do more than blame pipelines, and stop propagating deficit ideologies and the meritocracy myth. There’s nothing more euphemistic and exploitive in education […]

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Soothing Morning Glances at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

What could’ve been more magical than waking up glancing the majestic sun as it rise into its full glory from the east. Paired with dazzling morning dew as soon as you open the sliding doors on your terrace, it couldn’t be more perfect that this. It truly is a fascinating view if you spend the night at Espacio Verde Resort and wake up in this astounding shades of morning light. For an enthralling and enticing view, kindly check the following morning shots at Espacio Verde.

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the leading hotel-resorts in the Province of Capiz and definitely an epitome of luxurious vacation amidst a verdantly relaxing environment.

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Location Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz 5800

Dylan O’Brien in “Slightly Aroused” Meme Series

Hey guys, I was surfing the Tumblr blogosphere tonight when I stumbled upon this truly interesting, entertaining and somehow legit piece of art about my favorite Stiles Stilinski, oh I mean Dylan O’Brien. It’s a series of meme featuring him in each photos with caption of “slightly aroused” in many manners. Here are some of it, enjoy!

Here’s more from Teen Wolf…

Paella Cravings 101

abuelo-paellaIt sure feel nice to have a relaxing seat in a destination surrounded by lush verdant scenery, a view of the serene lagoon, a pool with gigantic slides where you can see people having fun, and a marvelous palatable dishes on your plate. That’s what you get at Espacio Verde Resort. Their foods are substantially amazing, enticing and drool-inducing.

The best that I can recommend from their Spanish-inspired restaurant “Abuelo” is their classic paella dishes with different varieties. Yeah, it’s not just your ordinary paella dishes that you can find on the streets or at your home. However, it sure gives off the homy feeling and tastes great with various stuffs puts into it.

They have 4 varieties of paella dishes at Abuelo namely: Abuelo’s Paella, Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra, and Beef Sinigang Paella. Continue reading