Top 10 Anime of Summer 2019 – Week 3

Hey guys, since I am posting our Top 10 shows of the week in the Facebook page of Yu Alexius Anime Portal and giving some short commentary, a very short personal one. I guess, I could also just post it here to share my thoughts.

We’re back with our Top 10 Anime of Summer 2019 – Week 3.

1. Given – continues to give us music, drama, comedy altogether in this amazing shounen-ai story.

Given Ep. 3

2. Vinland Saga – glory for the strong, death for the weak. This anime is simply on killing spree and it shows no sign of stopping from bringing amazing fight scenes and interesting story for all of us.

Vinland Saga

3. Astra: Lost in Space – we are now entering a little bit deeper to a bigger conspiracy.

Astra: Lost in Space

4. Fire Force – the quality of animation is definitely a top-notch this season and the story is getting interesting too.

Fire Force

5. O Maidens in your Savage Season – I just love how Mari Okada could always deliver a good writing despite of how obscene the topic could be and this anime is a perfect example how a good written story could make a common plot interesting.

O Maidens In You Savage Season

6. DanMachi Season 2– Finally, we are getting some huge improvement in the story and it’s lit than ever.

Danmachi 2

7. Dr. Stone – a little bit of slow down here from our favourite scientist. However, the quality is always there, I just though the story is on the mode of “the calm before the storm” for a great build up.


8. Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga – this anime is really pretty and if you think that it’s your typical bishounen series? Just wait!

Young Nobunaga

9. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts – the drama is quite heavy to carry in this anime and I really enjoyed every ounce of it here.

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

10. How Heavy Are the Dumbbell You Lift? – Definitely a fun show you won’t expect based on its title. It’s truly funny and fun to watch especially the educational info they embedded on its story. Now, this is motivating me to work out somehow I think.

How Heavy Are the Dumbbell You Life?

In our honourable mention list, we have the following:

11. BEM – I seriously love the graphics and animation here though it’s quite mediocre in eyes of other people. I also enjoyed how it could easily change the mood from light to dark, and vice versa.

12. The Ones Within (GENOME) – could be this season’s best suspense-thriller anime. The combination of comedy, drama, and a little bit of madness is really perfectly mixed here.

13. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san – I just love how the innocence keep us all interested in it and every second is never wasted as it always made us smile to its cute story.

14. If it’s for my Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord – Personally, Latina is really making the show amazing and I wish the rest could catch up to her. Nonetheless, this is a very relaxing and fun anime to watch if you want to unwind.

15. Cop Craft – and here we have one of my personal favourite. This really reminds me of Garo: Vanishing Line and I’d been quite the sucker type when it comes to Urban Fantasy so I am really having high expectation for this. As of now, it’s quite average but the promise is definitely still there.

For the leftover anime, we have the following:

1. Black Clover – After the epic fight between the Wizard King and Leader of the Midnight Sun, who would ever contest with it getting the first spot? I could that this is by far one of the best episodes from the anime series.

Black Clover Episode 93

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – the feels is here again and the anime is doing what it has always been good and that it is to let us get to know that even demons have some kind of emotions in them.

3. Fruits Basket (2019) – Damn, the feels and nostalgia is just too much to handle. It feels great to get a glimpse at the backstory of Tohru’s friends as well as her mother tbh.

This ranking is based on many objective factors that we consider, however, if I have to share my personal opinions my top 10 would be as follows:

  1. Given
  2. Fire Force
  3. Astra: Lost in Space
  4. Vinland Saga
  5. Dr. Stone
  6. How Heavy Are the Dumbbell You Life?
  7. Dr. Stone
  8. BEM
  9. O Maidens In Your Savage Season
  10. The Wasteful Days of High School Girl

So, which shows this week did you enjoy the most guys? Please let us know by leaving your comment below.

Saturday Madness and My Exhausted Heart

Hey guys, how are you? I hope everybody is doing good and doesn’t have an insane Saturday like what I am going through today. Haha, so I am back for another rant and I dunno where should I start because I couldn’t simply understand how exhausted my feeling today is, I felt like I’ve been crawling this past few days looking for some motivation to live aside from watching anime and some p0rn (pun intended but could be true at some point).

My thoughts are a little bit messy and not coordinated just like what this post might end up with, so I might seriously ignore a lot of syntax and principles in writing here possibly. As of writing, I found myself listening to some old songs that I used to listen at from my college days just like Superman by Five for Fighting, All Out of Love by Westlife & Delta Goodrem, When She Cries by Restless Heart, and many more. Haha, I felt like a heavy slideshows of my life all this time had flash back before me and my frustrations, failures, and goals that I never achieve.

Work-related stuffs, I felt so dried up and exhausted here though I am lucky enough to be motivated to go to work. Though, lately I felt like everything is like gray and blue with no sparks at all. My professional life is getting dull than ever and the environment of my co-workers isn’t healthy at all. I just want to invisible, a nobody, as the more I interact with people, the more I get disgusted with them. I am quite grateful that I didn’t reach to the point yet where I have to question myself whether I’ll quit or not because I have to acknowledged the fact that it is so fucking hard to look for decent job here in the Philippines and I should consider myself lucky at some point to have a decent job.

Love life? Oh my gosh, I felt no attachment towards anyone else anymore though fragments of past affections could easily infiltrate into my system making me a little bit sentimental. Not just a little, it’s actually terribly sentimental and it is destroying me from within. I don’t want to let anyone inside my heart and core though, I felt like nobody could endure me and my system. So, I’d rather want to built a wall around me than letting someone enter and just mess me up despite of feeling so alone all this time. THough, sometimes I wish I could have some who can help me carry the burden or else I might go seriously insane for real.

Yu Alexius? Hmmm, I am working hard to established it but it’s not that easy. I also have to blame myself for being lazy at some point or being easily distracted but seriously I really don’t know what to do with my life anymore, sometimes I just want to disappear but I’m still thankful for my anime blog as it is one of the things that makes me busy these days that I can forget how mess up my life is in a certain way.

It’s just so hard that no matter how much effort you put in into making your life better, there are so many aspects that you have to consider and I don’t want to be heartless nonchalantly destroying along my way such as connection, friends, family, other people feelings and so on. It’s hard and I just really don’t know what to do anymore. I felt like living is some kind of an addicting madness that we want to escape but we still continue up to the very end.

I just can’t fathom my thoughts today but I think that should be enough to rant here or else, some stalker may know more about me and I will not like that as I’m used to being the stalker rather than the one being stalked. After all, I don’t want people to know more about me. Obviously, the more people know about you, the more you became vulnerable and that sucks big time, isn’t it? Anyway, i wish you all a good hair day today and enjoy your Saturday. Bye!

My Summer 2019 Anime WatchList

Summer is almost here and I am so grateful to finally share my personal list of anime to watch next season. Although, I have to admit that I still have a hangover from spring 2019 anime lineup as I seriously fell in love with this season. There are so many things that I simply love about it including its animation quality, the music, the story is quite average overall but it’s a very enjoyable ride.


Speaking of spring 2019 lineup, I shall have our first and very own Seasonal Anime Awards for Spring 2019 at our main blog, Yu Alexius Anime Portal. I am a big fan of Anime Trending so I might follow their path on this aspect though eventually I hope to find my own light and share some more definitive ideas about anime shows. So far, I have Attack on Titan 3 and Kono Oto Tomare! as my strongest contender for anime of the season while Fruits Basket, and Demon Slayer is a following so close from behind. Oh my gosh, I also have some hardcore crush on Tetsuki Takaoka of Kono Oto Tomare!, and to Garou’s abs from One Punch Man (I’m sorry pals, but I could wish to have that villain anytime on my bed everyday). Other favorites from this season includes MIX which makes me into baseball lately, and Hitori Bocchi which reminds me of my school days and how my introvert self survived those hell of a kind experience.

So, going back to our topic, I have previously written a post about our top upcoming summer 2019 anime in our main blog. Though, it’s a general recommendations that we had for everybody. However, in this post, I shall share my personal watchlist which I will dare to finish no matter how good or bad it may turn out to be.

Alright, let’s start the list as follows:

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone – an anime that I badly want to see. As a former scientific nerd, talking about alchemy and science in an anime is truly attention-grabber for me. Plus, I saw some interesting abs on the trailer (haha), and a very cliche story but promising enough, and pretty decent animation.


Skilled Teaser Takagi-san Season 2 – Well, I’m a huge fan of the first season and I just couldn’t get enough of how cute this romance anime series is. Nonetheless, I know I am up for an amazing and funny rom-com next season because of this one.

Given anime adaptation

GIVEN – sits at my no. 3 is this yaoi or to be specific shounen-ai music anime. Beyond romance, it’s a very interesting and promising story of friendship and how music changed the life of our characters in the story. It shows how powerful music is in affecting each and everyone of us and how it could lead us into something unexpected and beyond comprehension. As a gay man, I am definitely having this on my watchlist no matter what happen.

Fire Force

Fire Force – dayum, the quality of this one is simply top-notch. So, when firefighters fight fire using fire, that’s a rather peculiar yet interesting plot, isn’t it? Anyway, Fire Force is animated by the same company behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so I must say, this anime won’t fail me.

Tenki no Ko

Tenki no Ko: Weathering With You – as a sucker of Makoto Shinkai anime films, is there any reason for me not to be excited with Tenki no Ko? Obvioulsy no, so I have the anime movie on my watchlist this season and by seeing how visually stunning and aesthetic it is, I could felt like heading towards another tearjerker path filled with heavy emotions and colorful animation.

Image may contain: one or more people
The King’s Avatar For the Glory

The King’s Avatar: For the Glory – this prequel movie of The King’s Avatar is truly special for me as it shows the peak days of some of my favorite characters from the anime including Ye Xiu, Han Wenqing, and the arrival in the picture of Wang Jiexi and the Golden Generation. It’s feel great too to finally meet Su Muqiu, and the original members of Team Excellent Era.

These are only the anime that I am really craving to watch on summer 2019 lineup, nonetheless, there are some titles that I didn’t put in this list because I think I’ll keep it in my list but may waver as I actually get disappointed easily. Nonetheless, let me know guys what’s your favorite anime coming next season.

Spring 2019 Anime Lineup Review | My Top 5 So Far…

Hey guys, this is Xernest and I am sharing my thoughts about the spring 2019 anime lineup which I believed to be a really strong block with several decent shows and satisfying simple anime plots.

Actually, this is the first time that I had added over 20 anime titles on my watchlist in an ongoing season and I’m quite thankful that I still manage to watch ’em all despite of busy schedule at work and also keeping with my regular schedule of watching Chinese anime and some leftover anime. In fact, I have added a Top 10 Best Anime of the Week Chart in my main blog – Yu Alexius and I am quite satisfied with it though it’s really draining my nerve cells big time. So, I will share my Top 5 Anime of Spring 2019 lineup so far. This is based on the first 5 episodes of every anime shows airing this season and I am actually delighted with them all.

Let’s start the list in no particular order…

No photo description available.
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – I think no one will deny that this anime sits atop this season with its stunning animation from ufotable and effective voice acting and drama on its story despite how cliche the plot is. In our chart in our main blog, the Demon Slayer had been placed 2nd most of the time while it was able to get the top spot on the 4th weekly chart with its climatic drama and fight scenes between Tanjirou and the hand-demon. I think Demon Slayer is one of the strongest contender from this season for the anime of the year title of 2019.

Image may contain: one or more people
Carole & Tuesday

Carole & Tuesday – this lovely girl duo who brought joy and fun to the viewers with their hilarious adventure to stardom while giving us every week a heartwarming or a fun ride with their songs every week. I really love how much effort they production team exerted to write songs of the anime which were awesome and with quality. The voice acting is also great and the characters of Carole & Tuesday were truly likable.

Read: Carole & Tuesday rise to top spot in our weekly chart with its guerilla performance of The Loneliest Girl

No photo description available.
Fruits Basket (2019)

Fruits Basket (2019) – if there’s anything that thrives in nostalgia and sentimentality this season then I’ll say it’s the 2019 remake of Fruits Basket. The characters designs look even better than the original series which first aired in 2001. I can’t even explain it but Fruits Basket have that power to make you feel sad, happy, angry, and I really felt like it’s playing with my emotions but it only proves how effective its story and everything in it, right? On a personal level, I also love the opening theme of the anime which is titled Again by Beverly who is actually my fellow pinoy. I think it’s justifiable why I could felt like cutting onions while listening to the song.

Image may contain: one or more people, baseball and outdoor
MIX: Meisei Story

MIX: Meisei Story – I am quite late for this anime. I only added MIX on my watchlist on the 4th week already and I really felt sorry that I didn’t add it immediately on my list. It is such a refreshing sports anime and I am quite hard to please when it comes to sports anime because I’m not a sporty person but when I do like one, it only means that it’s really great that it is able to change my heart on it. Actually, I once said that Cinderella Nine in August might be the best sports anime of spring 2019 lineup, that is until I watch MIX. The opening theme is sang by Sumika, that’s really a plus points then the characters in the story were truly likable and fun to watch especially Touma and Souichiro.

No photo description available.
Kono Oto Tomare!

Kono Oto Tomare! (Sounds of Life!) – alright, who would ever expect that an anime that revolves around playing koto will be this awesome? In fact, the koto were just a pudding in the story, the real plot revolves around the drama in the lives of Koto club members and I am telling you, it hits right in the feels. Music-wise, we seldom hear the Koto playing in the anime but when the club played it, you can expect for an out of this world atmosphere. I think that’s why Kono Oto Tomare! placed twice already on top spot in our weekly chart.

Anyway, that ends my list and I’ll definitely share the final ranking of the best anime this spring 2019 on our main blog. So, don’t forget to check it our and subscribe on our newsfeed there.

This Tagalog Dubbed Version of Garden of Words Gave Me Goosebumps

My gosh, this is the very first time that a Tagalog dubbed anime gave me goosebumps. The translation is on point (despite of small alternation), I have watch the original and English dubbed version a dozen times but I still had the same feels when I watched this. It’s kind of cheesy though and lacks some intensity but this were done better than what GMA aired on their morning block.

And I would also like to share this cover of the movie’s theme song “Rain”. The cover is sang by Goose House, sounds familiar? They just happened to be the band that sang Your Lie in April’s first opening theme. Anyway, check out their lovely rendition of Rain below.

A Piece of My Jologs Days | My Playlist

Hey guys, I’m on a night shift today and I felt like my system isn’t working properly tonight. Maybe it’s because I can’t still move on from the disastrous result of election the other day. Anyway, I found myself listening to some old songs that I used to listen at 9-10 years ago when I really felt I am so mentally vulnerable and emotionally fragile. I can’t even imagined that I am so jologs back to those days but I didn’t despised any of it. I just wish I made a better decisions that time but I obvioulsy not. And here, I am reminiscing those days and these songs were truly medicating and heartbreaking somehow. So, I would like to share some of my playlist tonight as follows:

Lazy Chaotic Thoughts on Sunday Vibes

Hey guys, I’m back at posting random stuff again especially with my emotional impulses. I really felt so sorry for this blog of mine, but it’s my first ever WordPress blog and I am so thankful for its existence for last 10 years and it has been my best friend somehow seeing the best and worst sides of me at a certain point of my life. So, what’s brings me back here is that I am here again, and I am about to rant.

Yes, I felt frustrated today and even lazy to some chaotic extend despite the fact that I started my Sunday effectively efficient and motivated. Somehow, at 4:26 PM today I felt like I am wasting my time and neurons were all exhausted af.

Anyway, here’s boring uninteresting picture of me. Oh, it’s the first time I’ll post my picture here by the way. Hooray! lol.

Nothing spectacular bored and lousy

First of all, I am kind of disappointed with myself because I felt like I am an ineffective marketing officer on my job. Yes, despite exerting much effort I felt like I’m still missing something and I need more knowledge and ideas because I know I can give more but I felt helpless and at the same time sorry for some unproductive results on my work. Alright, today is the Mother’s Day and I felt like I didn’t handle its marketing every well on my work and I felt lost on what I should feel. I felt like blaming myself but at the same time blaming the helpless situation that I am in. Once again, I’ll complain about my colleagues but it’s their calling to be productive and not mine, I don’t want to impose my principles, and work ethics on them.

Secondly, today is peculiar as I did something cheap, I am feeling down and instead of doing some stuff on Yu Alexius Anime Portal (planning to update some old post), I decided to delve a little bit deeper on James Charles’ stuff as well as Tati, and that called Gage. Yes, I don’t usually waste my time on checking on stuff that didn’t bother me or doesn’t affect me but I don’t know for some reason I got myself caught on it and I wasted my time on it. I do like Tati’s class and elegance on handling the issue though. Wish I could have that gracefulness.

Third, tomorrow is election day in the Philippines and I am both excited and frustrated because so many Filipinos are stupid voters. I’m sorry but just reading so many stuff online, I can’t believe so many of my fellow countrymen still fell for those political shenanigans of some boars. Anyway, I do hope that the best candidate will win for the sake of our country, especially in my area.

Fourth, I am frustrated about being lonely at some point. Sometimes, I just can’t excuse that feeling of nonchalant loneliness or maybe because I am effing single, lol. I hate relationships, I’m not good at it and I’m not planning to enter into any as of now but I think it feels great to have that certain person who motivates you, keeps you happy without any obligations on both sides. Yes, I hate commitment and I still have so many dreams that I need to fulfill. Yeah, I still have an empire to build.


Fifth, no more coffee if I’m stalking or listening to rumors unless I want to spill it again on my shirt. haha

And that’s it. I shall end this rant for now and I have to spare my time watching anime later. Anyway, I did add a new feature on my anime site which is a weekly chart of the best anime episodes that I had seen from spring 2019 lineup. Yes, I never thought I’ll be able to do this but I think this is the first step for my bigger goals.

Anyway, I wish everyone a great day and be happy and motivated no matter how hard life is. Don’t forget to greet your mom a Happy Mother’s Day and tell her that you love her. Cheers!