Happy Yeppey Birthday to Me!

Hey, today is my birthday and my age is turnin’ into a quarter of a century which means i’m getting 1 more age closer to death haha (pun intended). To all the greetings so far, thank u so much. My wish would’ve been world peace but since i’m a selfish bastard i’ll gonna wish for a chevrolet.


Capiztahan 2017: The Best Capiztahan Festival So Far

Hey guys, I’ll gonna write some quick post about this year’s celebration of Capiztahan, an annual provincial festival in Capiz, Philippines. This year, it’s the 116th founding anniversary of the province and there’s no other way to celebrate it than showcase the native products, astoundingly delicious cuisines (seafoods cough cough), rich historical and cultural heritage, blasting street fiesta, and the first every Capiz’ International Triathlon Competition (Capiz Triaksyon). The latter is a new project of the provincial government to promote the Province of Capiz as a cultural and sports hub in the heart of the Philippines.

On my end, I seriously find Capiztahan 2017 an amazing experience and somehow rigidly tiring. Of course, I am working on a hotel in province and we have some VIP guests that stayed with us. Well, I spent 3 weeks on the graveyard shift and that was seriously terrible though I’d rather be assigned on that schedule coz sometimes, I just can’t control my antisocial nature and I might freak out dealing with so many human beings. On a separate account, I got some chances to tour around the city during those eventful days. In fact, I was able to survived going through center of the crowd together with a friend of mine. I wasn’t expecting I’ll survived that as way back in December 2016, during the Sinadya’s celebration I feel nauseous whenever I have to passed through the crowd. I guess this is a job well done on my part.

Capiz Triaksyon 2017

Importantly, Capiztahan 2017 was filled with seafood galore especially crabs, prawns, squids, fishes, seashells (Scallops, etc.) In addition, the parades of lights along the streets and the traditional ‘sadsad sa kalsada‘ (street parades) simply reflects the rich cultural background of the province. On ‘sadsad’, every municipalities of the province of Capiz displayed their versatility and creativity on delivering fantastic themed-performance. A pageant was also held in the first night of the celebration on which pretty girls from all over the province compete to obtain the title of Mutya sang Halaran sa Capiztahan. Aside from these, Capiztahan 2017 had been filled with many amazing activities and simply shows the promising future that awaits the province of Capiz if such events continues to attract both local and international tourists.

Capiztahan 2017 Seafoods Galore

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Finally, the grand fiesta ended with a big bang through the Fireworks competition that took place during the last night of the Capiztahan 2017.

Capiztahan 2017 Photos

Anxiety and Excitement for Eurovision 2017

Eurovision 2017 Stage

Eurovision 2017 Stage

It’s 2 am in the morning and here I am again, staring the blank page of my blog while YouTube is on standby but I can’t even find a single damn thing to listen at. I logged in on my Tumblr account and gotten tired watching on some NSFW stuffs that doesn’t supposed to reflect my pathetic interests. This could only means that I’m bored as hell and this sheer boredom simply resonates all the anxieties that I had recently. And speaking of anxiety, aside from the Weekly Anime Chart from Anime Trending on which I am worried what would be the position of my favorite anime Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, I’d been anxious as hell about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2017. To be honest, I can’t imagine a single song not passing to the finals as this could be the strongest batch of entries that I had ever witnessed and heard. There’s just too much of astounding entries and even in my own list, my favorites simply wouldn’t fit in.

In my previous post in this blog, I shared my Top 10 favorite entries of Eurovision 2017 and somehow I just realized that it would eventually changed. I mean, I love those 10 songs but while repeatedly listening to every entries this year, I’d come to love some while others actually leave me breathless.

Among the entries that I really want to see in the Top 5 includes the following:

  • Occidentalis Karma (Italy)
  • I Can’t Go On (Sweden)
  • Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria)
  • Requiem (France)
  • Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal)
  • Never Give Up on You (United Kingdom)
  • Perfect Life (Germany)
  • Running on Air (Austria)
  • Yodel It (Romania)
  • Dying to Try (Ireland)

Meanwhile the following are the entries that I think are pretty deserving to qualify in the finals of Eurovision 2017.

  • Apollo (Switzerland)
  • Do It For Your Lover (Spain)
  • City Lights (Belgium)
  • Skeletons (Azerbaijan)
  • Fly with Me (Armenia)
  • Historyja Majho Zyccia (Belarus)
  • Flashlight (Poland)
  • It Don’t Come Easy (Australia)
  • Verona (Estonia)
  • Keep the Faith (Georgia)
  • I Feel Alive (Israel)
  • My Friend (Croatia)
  • Origo (Hungary)
  • Grab The Moment (Norway)

What about you guys, what are your favorite entries this year? Aren’t you excited to see another victorious and breathtaking shows from the biggest music competition in the world, it’s Eurovision Song Contest time.


My Top 10 Entry for Eurovision 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The Eurovision fever is once taking over me, and I just can’t contain my excitement for biggest singing competition in the world. Yeah, with hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world, most especially Europe and Australia, this is seriously the grandest singing competition in the world right now. Well, it seems that this year’s competition is filled with so many astounding and amazing entries. I, myself is among those many Eurovision fans who’s anxiously waiting for the competition and also rooting for my favorite entries to make to the finals and eventually winning this whole damn thing.

Therefore, I would like to share my Top 10 Eurovision 2017 entries based on my personal preferences, music taste, and genre. Hopefully, I’ll have some fellow Eurovision fans who enjoyed my own ESC taste and standard. Actually, there are also other songs that I like but these are the Top 10 and I would be really glad if one of these songs win and most of them rank higher in the finals.

10. Yodel It by Ilinca ft. Alex Florea (Romania )

9. Story of My Life by NAVI (Belarus)

8. Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria)

7. Keep the Faith (Georgia)

6. Occidentali’s Karma by Francesco Gabbani (Italy)

5. Running on Air by Nathan Trent (Austria)

4. Apollo by Timebelle (Switzerland)

3. Verona by Koit Toome and Laura (Estonia)

2. Never Give Up on You by Lucie Jones (United Kingdom)

1.  Requiem by Alma (France)

My other favorite entries includes are from Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Armenia, and Spain.

5 Relaxing Things to Do at Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde ResortSummer is just around the corner and it sure feel nice to get ready for the upcoming summer heat. Everybody must’ve written their list of places to go for a vacation or staycation this summer. An amazing splash and dip in the beach water must have been the number 1 activity for many people out there. It is inevitable, in fact it was always fun to have that refreshing dip in the beach especially if you’re with your family or group of friends. However, we could actually have an astounding summer getaway far from the beach, a relaxing place filled with lush surroundings could be the best alternative, isn’t it? In that case, an enchanting escapade in the forest or go mountain climbing could be the best thing to do. On the other side, a simply retreat in together with your friends or family members in a humble eco-friendly resort will do to replenish your energy in the imminent summer heat.

Talking about a verdantly mesmerizing surroundings and refreshing getaway, guess like I know a specific place for that. Whenever you decided to visit the humble Province of Capiz in Western Visayas region, a visit to Espacio Verde Resort is a must. It’s the best place to spend the night in the province with its fascinating facilities, friendly and accommodating staffs, scrumptious cuisines and eco-friendly atmosphere, one could truly feel nature-loving vacation. Espacio Verde Resort is not just your typical hotel-resort where you get to enjoy yourself on its pristine sceneries but in fact, it’s place to enjoy some summer activities. Continue reading

What Anime I Badly Want to Watch this Spring 2017?

I’d recently finished this post of Top 15 anime to watch this spring 2017 and it also gives me some time to evaluate each anime that are schedule to premiere this spring. First of all, I am seriously looking forward for the return of some big names and that includes Attack on Titan, Natsume Yuujinchou, Sword Oratoria (DanMachi’s spinoff), and Boku no Hero Academia. However, there are also some interesting new anime that I am surely will captivate our imagination and our hearts.

So, here’s my list of anime that I had added on my watch list this season.

  1. Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
  2. Sagrada Reset
  3. Sword Oratoria
  4. Fukumenkei Noise
  5. Sakura Quest
  6. Boku no Hero Academia
  7. Attack on Titan
  8. Eromanga sensei
  9. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
  10. Alice to Zouroku

My Early Favorite for Eurovision 2017: Nathan Trent – Running On Air (Austria)

Nathan Trent will represent Austria at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Running On Air.

Aside from this song, my other favorite entries are from United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Spain. Well, that was quite surprising because it’s all from the Big 5. Anyway, I am really looking forward for the Eurovision 2017 which will starts on May 9 with its first semi-final and end on May 13 with its final’s night. So, I really wish that Nathan Trent and Running On Air will do well in the competition and I heard that he’s actually good in live performance, with that being said I wish him a big good luck. It’s not that far to bring back the competition on Austria, anyway last year’s entry from Zoe was really adorable and heartwarming.