Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day at Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort

The season of love is finally here although we all know that every month, everyday should be a moment filled with love and kindness. However, it’s February finally and people everywhere are simply excited for the ‘Hearts’ month as lover, couples, friends and family goes together in a date and what could be more exciting and romantic than spending the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day in a cozy yet luxuriously relaxing dining experience. That could one hell of a fantastic dinner date, isn’t it?

This February 14, Espacio Verde Resort have a special treat for everyone. A dinner buffet and a luxurious hotel experience is what everyone else should need to celebrate the season of love and they’re prepare it all to our hearts content.

Espacio Verde Valentine's Promo 2018

Filled with fantastic promos and packages, a visit at Espacio Verde Resort is surely going to be a sweet, romantic and relaxing feast for the eyes…

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Why Is Goku Always Ahead Of Vegeta?

Otaku Village Blog

3711314feb73550d386168a8e8c38af8Note:This post is primarily aimed towards those who have watched the Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super series, but for some odd reason, haven’t yet checked out Dragon Ball (or watched it yet). Dragon Ball GT is a non-canon series though.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dragon Ball. Read at your own risk.

The lifelong question of the Saiyan race and an everlasting pursuit to fulfilling conquests and prophecies, we all know Goku is somewhat “unique” in terms of growing his power levels and surpassing Vegeta. Along every step of the way, Goku has always been ahead of the game when compared to Vegeta.

I have watched Dragon Ball Z and GT but never theoriginal Dragon Ball series which featured Kid Goku before stumbling upon Dragon Ball Z as a kid. Watching Goku begin his journey with Bulma one sunny day while searching for the Dragon…

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When a Woman’s Advise is Right: Catelyn Stark’s Instinct

Woman’s instinct is quite a dangerous matter for men, especially if they’re the type of guys who’s up to no good. I guess, the world needs a lot of Catelyn Stark in this society full of Cersei Lannister. Yeah, this is what comes into my mind after seeing a Reddit thread with one of my favorite Game of Thrones’ character, Catelyn Stark. The thread is about a collage showing Cat giving warning to Ned, Bran, and Robb but eventually gets ignore, and thus letting into some of the most tragic scenes in the story’s pot.

So, shall we say that every man should have a women with sharp instinct beside them in order not to lose their heads? That may be right, but could also be wrong. Nonetheless, this is quite an interesting thread.

Pinoy Funny Jokes: [Man vs Ipis Thread]

Hey guys, so I come across this thread on Reddit, it’s about a pinoy  funny joke of a man vs ipis (a cockroach) and it was seriously one hell of an excruciating hilarity. The thread was submitted by this user “SskaitComics,” it shows how a man lose his cool towards a single effing cockroach. To be specific, this is a one-sided battle of “hugot” lines pinpointed directly at the man in the losing end.

Sa mga kapwa ko Filipino, sit and relax, at ‘wag mahiyang tumaway.

Part 1


Part 2:


Obviously, a part 3 will eventually come, I’ll keep you updated too if I could remember that I still have this blog to share stuffs like this. Nonetheless, you could check SskaitComics profile, for more interesting and funny pinoy jokes.

My 10 Favorite Anime of 2017

It’s about time for me to share my year-end review of 2017’s anime quality. I believe it has been a pretty amazing year for anime with too many great shows come into limelight and discovered by anime fans. Right now, I will only share my Top 10 anime of 2017 and further details about this will be posted on my official anime blog which is Yu Alexius. For now, enjoy my list and hoping to inspire other people out there to like this set of anime series.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Just Because!

Just Because!

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The Eurovision 2018 Fever Started, Awesome Stage Revealed

Yes, you have read it right, the stage for the upcoming Eurovision 2018 had been revealed and it doesn’t cut short of our expectation as it definitely looks awesome, and phantasmagorical. It seriously looks visually gracious and deceptive, you will feel like you’re having an underwater experience which is actually the motif of Florian Wieder, who designed the Eurovision 2018 stage. He is also responsible for the flashy stage of Eurovision 2017 in Kiev last May.

The stage of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

The stage design had been influenced by 4 factors that connects to the cultural heritage of Portugal:

  • Navigation. 
  • The Sea. 
  • The Ships.
  • The Maps.

Espacio Verde Resort Celebrates Halloween with Dino-rific Jungle Party

Creepy costumes, dark and haunted stories, trick or treats, and spooky atmosphere, such are some stuffs that perfectly suits or describes a Halloween celebration. However, there are certainly many ways to celebrate it and Espacio Verde dare to defy the normal norms by going to a more fantasy-adventure like journey for kids in their Halloween party that took place last October 27, 2017. The essence of fun is still there as cute little kids fall in line to parade their adorable Halloween costumes. You’ll see a witch, a ghost, zombie or some cute mini-dinosaurs portrayed by the participating kids.

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Espacio Verde’s Halloween Party 2017 took place at their event’s hall “El Comedor” and the area was decorated green stuffs such as plants, flowers and trees (Espacio Verde Resort’s theme), and some fancy dinosaurs balloons that provides a jungle-like atmosphere. This is a wonderful set up which is also creepy in another way that perfectly suits for a Halloween celebration.


Photo credit from Espacio Verde Resort’s Facebook page