Espacio Verde Resort to Celebrate its 9th Anniversary with a Blast

Espacio Verde Resort Capiz

Espacio Verde Resort, Capiz

August is fast approaching and it’s gonna be a month of fun-filled nights, astoundingly amazing gastronomic experience and exciting celebration as Espacio Verde Resort, Capiz’s prime tourist destination revel its 9th anniversary. A pool party, an anniversary market, seafood lunch buffet, tons of promos for the foods and room accommodation, what could’ve been more perfect that this set up? These surprises and many more awaits for everybody who will join to celebrate Espacio Verde’s 9th anniversary on August 5 – 6, 2017. Although the pool party, anniversary market and seafood lunch buffet will only takes place on those specific dates, a whole month promos from Espacio Verde Garden Villas, Abuelo, and Aquatico will be enjoyed by every guest on August.

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Espacio Verde’s 9th Anniversary Market

The celebration will kick off on Saturday – August 5, 2017 with an anniversary market from 10 am to 8 pm where several establishment in the province will have their booth near the Veranda area. Every guest can take a look at every company’s product and purchase anything they found interesting. This is also a great chance to showcase some of Capiz’s best products. At night time, a pool party will be held in Aquatico with 3 djs from Manila joining the celebration. These djs are Janus Naval, Inno Naguit, and Don Padilla. A raffle will also takes place during the pool party where several participants will be awarded with gift certificates such as free swimming and free accommodation.

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Espacio Verde’s Pool Party

On the 2nd day – August 6, 2017; the anniversary market returns and will operate on the same time frame. The seafood lunch buffet which will be held in Cabida and starts at 11 am until 3 pm. Among the scrumptious seafoods to crave for and enjoy includes clam soup, crispy shrimp, baked gigantes scallops, steamed oysters, grilled fish, grilled squid, seafood kare-kare, and streamed crabs. This is a real foodgasm and seafood galore experience waiting for everyone.

Espacio Verde Resort Seafood Lunch Buffet

Espacio Verde Resort Seafood Lunch Buffet

To conclude the 2nd day celebration, a fireworks display will takes place at 7 pm which will surely lit up the night sky of Espacio Verde Resort. It seriously is a wonderful view to look at.

All the monthly promotions then will start on August 7, 2017. These truly amazing and exciting promos covered the room accommodations, and foods from both Abuelo and Aquatico.

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Espacio Verde’s 9th Anniversary Schedule

What are you waiting for? Come to Espacio Verde Resort and join the fun. For inquiries, you may contact (036) 620-3734 or email; see you on August everyone.


Soothing Morning Glances at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

When the sun rises at Espacio Verde Resort

What could’ve been more magical than waking up glancing the majestic sun as it rise into its full glory from the east. Paired with dazzling morning dew as soon as you open the sliding doors on your terrace, it couldn’t be more perfect that this. It truly is a fascinating view if you spend the night at Espacio Verde Resort and wake up in this astounding shades of morning light. For an enthralling and enticing view, kindly check the following morning shots at Espacio Verde.

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the leading hotel-resorts in the Province of Capiz and definitely an epitome of luxurious vacation amidst a verdantly relaxing environment.

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Location Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City, Capiz 5800

5 Photos Proving Espacio Verde is Roxas City’s Ultimate Verdant Sanctuary

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the top-tier premises in Roxas City, Capiz when it comes to hospitality industry specializing on providing excellent hotel accommodation and scrumptious semi-fine dining cuisines. It’s the best place to unwind and spare oneself some meditating time from the stressful city life. What makes this nature-loving resort a place of grandeur and relaxation are its verdant scenery that can be found throughout the property. From their spacious and truly comfortable rooms, up to their drool-inducing seafood delicacies and heartwarming Pinoy favorite snacks, as well as its fine Spanish-Italian inspired cuisines; one can feel that awe-inspiring quality in their service and amenities. The place itself is the ultimate verdant sanctuary in Roxas City offering the perfect safe haven and Eco-friendly atmosphere. Radiant trees, serene lagoon, and magnificent flowers that blooms beautifully scattered throughout the premises providing a tranquil mood.

Here are some of those mesmerizing photos proving that Espacio Verde Resort is the best place to be in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde’s famous date palms along the promenade provides a perfect spot for a relaxing walk.

Espacio Verde Resort

Terazza is simply the place for you to have quality time with friends and family while having some sumptuous snacks surrounded by the lush and verdant flora.

Espacio Verde Resort

Enjoy the serene view of the lagoon with the majestic view of the clubhouse’s facade in the background, isn’t it magical?

Espacio Verde Resort

When staying in one of Espacio Verde’s garden villas, don’t miss the chance to witness the astounding break of dawn followed by the radiant sunrise.

Espacio Verde Resort

Walk around the premises by jogging through the promenade with the date palms on both sides while enjoying the refreshing view of the viridescent scenery.

Photo credit: Espacio Verde Resort

Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Capiz

Roxas City at Night

Roxas City at Night. Credit: Capiznews

Luscious and fresh seafoods, alluring pristine beaches, unexplored mystical caves, and creepy blood-sucking creatures; these are some of the widely used phrases to describe the Province of Capiz. A humble but magnificent province in the heart of Philippines overflowing with delicious seafoods, verdant mountains, modest waterfalls and enchanting caves, lively locals, rich history and cultures. Capiz is known as the seafood capital of the Philippines, it is abundant with the exquisite marine life; and its rich agri-fishing industry is among the best in the country.

Capiz is one of the five provinces located in the wonderful island of Panay in Western Visayas. It covered the northeastern part of the island, comprised by 16 municipalities and 1 charted city (Roxas City). It is a province with too many natural and majestic landscapes to offer to the world. For travelers who love to experience life in the remote areas far away from city life, Capiz can offer an overwhelmingly relaxing sanctuary to you. Its untouched caves, viridescent mountain ranges and peaks and virgin beaches are the best place for you to unwind.

For people wanting to taste the scrumptious cuisines of the locals, Roxas City is the place for you. You can find eat freshly cooked seafoods in the seaport areas for a very cheap price. In fact, you can tour around the city to see, fill your eyes with the humble and merry ambiance of the locals.

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Currently, the most ambitious project in Roxas is Pueblo de Panay, dubbed as a city inside a city. It is a metropolitan project situated in the core of the city. The city is the commercial, educational, and trade center of the northern Panay Island and is considered as an emerging power in the Visayas region.

Roxas City, Capiz

Roxas City, Capiz. Credit: Panoramio

If you’re a traveler, here’s a little guide about where to stay in Roxas City and some of the best place for leisure to enjoy and have some fun with your friends, family and love ones. Continue reading

Capiz’s Hidden Gem: The Olotayan Island

Olotayan Island

The magnificent Olotayan Island in Roxas City, Capiz

The province of Capiz may not be among the most popular places in the Philippines and it has even called the Land of Aswang (which is not true), however it is blessed with untouched beauty of nature, ordinary citizens having a peaceful way of living, and delicious sea foods that can be found in its waters. Its capital, Roxas City has been dubbed as the sea food capital of the Philippines due to its bountiful and scrumptious sea foods especially the various types of shell fish, muscles, crab, prawns and oysters.

Capiz also house the biggest bell in Asia which is located in the municipality of Panay that can be found in the belfry of Sta. Monica Church which is also the oldest church in the province. The 300 year-old church is one of the most popular destination in the province aside from the well-known Suhot cave and Suhot spring situated in the mountainous municipality of Dumalag.

Olotayan Island 1

Olotayan Island, Capiz. Photo credit to

However, one of the under develop yet potential tourist destination in the province is the island barangay of Olotayan.  It is a tiny piece of land but big enough to support a small town and blessed with pristine beaches and white shores made of limestone. The water is crystal clear in the island that it gives off that charismatic untouched beauty of the sea with fresh atmosphere. There are also plenty of fishes and shell fish that beautify the island and made one stay a memorable and delectable experience.

Similar to big cities, Roxas City also offers lots of fun stuff to do, delicious cuisines and amazing adventures. There are museum that showcase the Capizenos heritage and the on-going development of Pueblo de Panay, a big area within the city planned to become the province’s financial, commercial and cultural center. There are big shopping malls that can accommodate the guest necessities, and astounding resorts, to name a few is the luxurious Espacio Verde Resort and Garden Villas.

As I conclude the post, I would like to invite everyone to visit Capiz and experience the magnificent yet simple adventure one can experience in this peaceful and truly enticing province. The pristine beaches of Olotayan Island, the delightful cuisines, serene river cruise, and incomparable hospitality from the people are waiting for you.