My Official Top 10 Entries of Eurovision Song Contest 2018

All the entries for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest had been officially announced and I actually surprised because this year is definitely filled with too many good songs. I am having some problem with my top 10 picks and I really have plenty of favorite entries for Eurovision 2018. Some songs eventually grow in me while some of the my early favs had sunk in my own ranking. Nonetheless, there are plenty of promising entries and I am literally satisfied if any of my personal favorites won.

Let’s get straight to the point my top 10 picks for Eurovision 2018 are as follows:

Greece – “Oneiro mou” (Όνειρό μου) by Yianna Terzi

This song is literally enthralling mixed with ethnic Greek ambiance, definitely feels like you’re conversing with the ancient gods. The lyrics are also plus point and tell a very touching story between a nation and its citizen.

Germany – “You Let Me Walk Alone” by Michael Schulte

A very touching song for family. You don’t have a heart if this song will resonates with your inner self.

Hungary – “Viszlát nyár” by AWS

I am really glad that Hungary always dare to defy the normal standard and is not afraid to send an entries with too much diversity and meaning. This year is a hard metal song which conveys no other message than a very intense emotional collision. This is a masterpiece.

Belarus – Forever by Alekseev

I used to hate this song and really find it cheesy. It simply grown in me and it really took my heart away when the revamped was released. For me the lyrics is quite senseless but its beat, melody and rhythm is truly enchanting. Plus, Alekseev voice is so addicting, I feel like I am watching a very tragic romance story while listening onto it.

Albania – Mall by Eugent Bushpepa

One of my early fav and am still rooting for it so bad. Every year Albania send good songs but always fall short to qualify and I am really hoping so bad that this one will qualify for heaven’s effing sake. Too much emotion and ingenuity on Eugent’s voice. So addicting to begin with.

Czech Republic – “Lie to Me” by Mikolas Josef

Not a fan of this genre, but who wouldn’t fall in love with this very catchy song and lively atmosphere that it released. Plus, Mikolas is truly a charming performing that will make you dance with him and to the beat of the song.

Bulgaria – Bones by Equinox

Bulgaria had been pretty great in the recent years sending amazing songs and this year is no exception. I’m still in the process of catching the hang of the song but it is growing in me now.

Azerbaijan – “X My Heart” by Aisel

Just like Forever, I used to not like this song but after watching a preview of its so many times, it simply grown on me later on. Now, it’s one of the songs that I really enjoyed to listen at.

Belgium – A Matter of Time by Sennek

Yes, the very first moment that Laura aka Sennek got chosen to represent Belgium I believe that she’ll be a strong contender and now with her song, I definitely believe that she’s a force to reckon with and I personally love her song too.

Estonia – “La forza” by Elina Nechayeva

A masterpiece of an opera, not expecting this to be so good. Estonia definitely have something unique and awesome this year.

That’s my top 10 picks, nonetheless other personal favorites of mine includes the following:

  • United Kingdom – Storm by Surie
  • Ukraine – Under the Ladder by Melovin
  • France – Mercy by Madame Monsieur
  • Ireland – Together by Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  • Switzerland – Stones by Zibbz
  • Italy – “Non mi avete fatto niente” by Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro
  • Spain – “Tu canción” by Amaia & Alfred
  • Netherlands – “Outlaw in ‘Em” by Waylon
  • Finland – “Monsters” by Saara Aalto
  • Denmark – Higher Ground by Rasmussen

Though I believe this is going to be tough semi-finals especially the first one as I have too many favorites in it. Nonetheless, may the best and most enthralling song win.

Capiztahan 2018 Schedule of Activities

My home province will once again celebrate an exciting festivities this summer and yes, it’s gonna be lit. I’ve been pretty amazed by how our local officials were able to come up with lively events in the past few years as opposed to the quite dulled celebration of Sinadya sa Halaran which has been our annual festival in the area for such a long period of time. I’m glad that Capiztahan – a celebration to commemorate the founding of our province had come into surfaced in the recent years and gained momentum, eventually becoming our prime festive in the province of Capiz.

I’ll gonna make this post a short one, and I am inviting everyone (boys, girls, bakla, tomboy, butiki, or baboy, or any weird amazing creature you are), let’s have some fun at our humble province this April and join our feast of sumptuous seafoods harvest, rich cultural heritage of the locals, budding marine-aquaculture industry, and a rising destination for sports enthusiast especially the triathlon fanatics. Come and join us!

Thus, the schedule of activities for Capiztahan 2018 are as follows:

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My Not So Random Exhaustion at Work!

Image result for rantsIs there anything that could be more wonderful than being the queen bee at your workplace? Obviously, there is (smirking devilishly). In the past few months, I’d been on a random mood of being exhausted, motivated, effing inspired, dedicated, annoyed, and lots of neurons going haywire at my current work. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am totally enjoying this or cursing my situation here but am sure is glad and thankful for having this kind of disastrously confusing entertaining moments in here. Yeah, it’s quite hard to explain this but one thing is sure, I am happy here despite of my not so pleasant impulsive remarks most of the time as I, my usual self had been on a pretty rampage of perfectionism all this time and bursting out my frustrations with my co-workers has been a bad habit of mine. Wait, this is just so me since in my heydays at college. Nonetheless, one thing is important I still have to keep on my effing mind that I am grateful for my current jobs despite of all the headaches, and heartaches (smirk) that I’d been through here.

Image result for work rant memeWhat I enjoyed here? It’s my work, I felt like a rampaging goddess on fire when my neurons are working excessively at its best and trying to bring out the weird introvert in me to face this hilarious social world. You definitely have to overcome your introvert self if you’re working in the hospitality industry, right? Multi-tasking, such a fun word to say but definitely nerve-wracking if you’re finally into it. So, I’ve been originally assigned as the reservation agent here, I’m seriously proud though since I’d been a part of the pioneer group of the best hotel-resort in the province of Capiz. Yes, my dear readers I’m a Capiznon, but thou shall not worry I ain’t an Aswang (haha, pun intended). Back to the topic, I am also a little bit arrogant as I go beyond my normal limit and did front desk jobs. In fact, this had been a great training ground for me to hide my nonchalant anti-social side (I don’t have plan of killing it) and I am somehow glad that slowly, I found myself changing for a better. Though, there are instances that people still find me creepy. Though I wouldn’t go deeper with this topic as this may trigger some of the stuffs that I despise, it’s just about humans anyway.

Yet, what I hate here? Nothing serious to be honest although I have the tendency to be impulsive as my blood easily goes wild and somehow boil up so fast. Though this place is making me a zombie, as if I hadn’t been a zombie for ages haha. Here we go, humans? Yes, I definitely have tons of problems with humans here because bitchy side is such a witty that I have the problem dealing with most people’s inferiority here. However, I believe this is just normal in any workplace and I should’ve just learn to live with it gracefully.

So, what’s the point of my rants here? Nothing special at all. It just happened to be Sunday morning and I am on the shift that I seriously hate the most, am not a morning person for a fucking hell sake, my eyes gonna fall off soon. Now, you should know what’s my shift, haha. I’m quite hungry too but I’m all alone here for the next 3 hours, kinda sucks but it should be fine. Though, I felt like I’ll gonna feed these effing humans in here, haha, wishing’s Melvin here, but this whole week, our schedule had been pretty rough. Nonetheless, though stupid mannerism of his should be enough to light up my day.  So please inspire me as this workplace kinda giving me a messy hell (don’t take it literally guys, shall my boss ended up reading this someday!) haha.

Have a great day bitches, and yes, tomorrow is my off. I shall spend the entire fucking day off watching anime, as if I have any other thing to do. Now, you should know what kind of boring life I led. This work is fun so I shall be dare to be exciting too, I guess. ^^

I’m JoyBo’s Catchy Opening Stole My Heart

I'm JoyBo

I’ve been pretty hooked with Chinese anime recently, all thanks to The King’s Avatar almighty animation sequence. Ever since then, I’d started to watch Chinese anime randomly, some had been pretty awkward and definitely bad, while I was force to drop some of ’em due to either poor writing or annoying narration. I believe that even if the animation is mediocre if the writing is pretty decent, an anime could be save and definitely survive. Nonetheless, my experience with Chinese anime had been mixed but it is also such a great pleasure to see hidden gems among these Chinese works. One of them is the epic and absurdly funny Everlasting Immortal Firmament, I also dropped it due to its hilariously stupid jokes and sarcasm, however it was quite entertaining that you’re not aware you’re almost finish it in an instant.

Anyway, let’s cut this small edgy talk and move on with our main topic as I am planning to make it short and simple here as I want to post my full first impression for I’m JoyBo at Yu Alexius. And there it is, I said it, I just wanted to share this really sweet, and catchy opening theme of I’m JoyBo, an anime who gave me the same feels Ao Haru Ride plus Your Lie in April. Nonetheless, it’s quite adorable to watch but also unavoidable to think that every part of the story have a painful feels on it which makes I’m JoyBo an even more interesting Chinese anime for me. I’ve previously added it as among my highly anticipated Chinese anime of 2018 to watch and I am 100% sure that I won’t regret it as I finally fall in love with it.

And if you’re not convince yet to check out I’m JoyBo, here’s a very very enchanting and achy opening for everyone. Yes, it’s achy because thought of sharing sad stuffs finally sink into my head and I guess, I’m quite notorious at that.

Not to mention, the visuals are seriously breathtaking too.




My random hugot playlist for tonight

Hey guys, I’m back and continuing my mild rants here. Though for tonight, I would like to share some hugot songs from my playlist just for the sake of bending out how I felt lately and at the same time exposing some special songs that I admired from deep inside.

First on my playlist is Pusong Ligaw (Wild Heart) by Jona and yes, I have a fucking wild heart.

Second is Dying Inside byarren Espanto. This is very special for me as this had been my song at my current state of mind, heart, and life. Yes, it’s the song I dedicated for Melvin (dang, this sounds awkward; this is not so me) haha.

Third one is a Japanese song titled Imakoko (Right Here Right Now), it’s the opening theme for one of my favorite romance anime from 2017 – Tsuki ga Kirei.

Fourth is another Japanese opening theme from the anime Just Because! titled Over and Over.

Fifth one is Ao Haru Ride’s opening theme, Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (The World has Fallen in Love). Please excuse my weirdness.

And so I fucking fall in love again…

hplyrikz: “I can relate to this ”

Hi, I don’t usually share thoughts like this though I normally floods all my effing rants and emotional distress on either my Twitter or Tumblr account but I can’t say what’s gotten into my head that I am randomly writing on this blog tonight and it’s crazy.

So, this blog of mine “Xernest” lol, I intended to make this personal but now I don’t really know its niche or purpose, just some space to bent out my random frustrations and thoughts I guess. Or maybe post anything that actually comes into my mind but it doesn’t necessarily seems like that to be honest. It seems that I am simply in the mood tonight to go beyond my normal stints, I am pretty sure that I might get some syntax error message soon.

hplyrikz: “Clear your mind here ”

Nonetheless, so I fucking fall in love… again! And every time this happens, it always turns out on the same page but I guess people never learn, we humans simply crave, desire for anything, anyone, or anywhere that we couldn’t simply reach easily. Though I’m not in the mood to discuss about all those previous heartbreaks nor previous funny fake romances. I am here to burst out my frustrations on how lame I had become, with such a loser I saw in the mirror every time I looked at it but this is just so effing funny.

So, here’s the deal. I think no it’s I am pretty sure that I am falling for a colleague of mine at work. This is more like a big hell no, because this will not make me any good. I had 2 experiences like this before and it doesn’t ended up great. What’s even more peculiar is that I am 5 years older than him (oh in case I didn’t mention yet that I am gay). There’s nothing so extraordinary about him except for his good looks. Yeah, he definitely is good looking and I always find it shallow if I got attracted to someone because of their looks. But beyond that, he’s pretty normal which is something that I actually fall for. I always seek for something extraordinary on all my previous crushes or infatuations in which I always ended up disappointed if things didn’t turn out as I desired. However, this guy whose name is Melvin (that’s a big fuckin’ secret guys); he is the type of guy that you could easily ignore, to be honest he never caught my attention the first time we met, it was almost 6 months since we first met and I felt like something is off on me. Now, it’s been 3 effing months since I noticed that I had a crush on him. He usually talked a lot about rubbish things, something very normal as opposed to me who always talked about weird things or flirty things where my friends often find me creepy or insane. He’s quite childish and mature at the same time, he’s quite the realist and definitely a skilled one on his own field. Yeah, people in our company thought that he’s one of our finest assets here and I, myself – the eternally damsel in distress who always thought of himself to be so high and mighty if possible (haha) actually fall big time on this kinda bad boy lad.

Anyway, I don’t know where the hell this ship is going but I’ll just enjoy this moment and possibly confess (which I always stupidly do), however for this one I don’t want to make a single move at all as I believe that he’s pretty aware of everything and pretending not to know it all. Nonetheless, I’m so effing confuse and feeling so complex lately because I fucking fall in love again.

Kindly excuse my nonsense yet sentimental rant.

My Top Picks for Eurovision 2018 So Far…

I’ll make this quick guys, so I would like to share my top picks for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2018 to be held in Lisbon, Portugal in May from the currently available choices. My favorites are as follows:


Germany: Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone 

Albania: Eugent Bushpepa – Mall

Denmark: Rasmussen – Higher Ground

Hungary: AWS – Viszlát Nyár 

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

United Kingdom: SuRie – Storm

Switzerland: Zibbz – Stones

France: Madame Monsieur – Mercy