Collection of Relatable Online Rants

Originally, I was planning to make a post about a collection of jokes or some cheesy quotes. Eventually, I dropped the idea and ended up looking for rants like this as I, myself always post stuffs like this on my Tumblr account and I really find it amusing and hilarious reading things like this. So, I hope that you guys may lose in vibes of these awkward and somehow relatable rants that I’d gather from the web.

I’m not afraid of commitment, I’m afraid having to share my food with someone.

I’m going through this phase called fucking everything.

I’d rather steal your snacks than your man.

I’m just going to settle for the fact that the most intimate relationship that I could ever have with another human being is a couple of hours in a dingy motel room.

People need to realize that there are days when you’re not in the mood to talk or interact with anyone.

One day you’ll realize what you lost and I hope it rips you apart.

Anyone who needs a relationship at all times, needs to re-evaluate their life. Being independent and strong is sexy. Being able to carry yourself and not depend on a relationship is something to pride yourself on. Being a beg is disgusting. I’m not talking about social aspects, everyone needs to socialize, I’m talking about those people who get relationship after relationship because they depend on it. Sad reality.

If you’re interested in someone, why would you want to encourage others to flirt with you/admit how they feel for you/simply give you that sort of attention. Too many people do this when at the same time, trying to form a relationship. I will never understand the logic.

I’d much rather have one great person to talk to every night than have several pointless conversations with temporary people.

We pretend a lot. Most of our times, I guess. Well it kind of feels right when you’re there, but the aftershock it feels you’re not there and shouldn’t have. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve done this and trust me, it’s never worth to pretend and hide feelings.

Famous or not, we all receive crap from someone and apparently we also do give crap. Regardless of the status, guys this world isn’t perfect. We all have our villains in our life and it is our very role to play with it.

~~To be continue~~

5 Photos Proving Espacio Verde is Roxas City’s Ultimate Verdant Sanctuary

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde Resort is one of the top-tier premises in Roxas City, Capiz when it comes to hospitality industry specializing on providing excellent hotel accommodation and scrumptious semi-fine dining cuisines. It’s the best place to unwind and spare oneself some meditating time from the stressful city life. What makes this nature-loving resort a place of grandeur and relaxation are its verdant scenery that can be found throughout the property. From their spacious and truly comfortable rooms, up to their drool-inducing seafood delicacies and heartwarming Pinoy favorite snacks, as well as its fine Spanish-Italian inspired cuisines; one can feel that awe-inspiring quality in their service and amenities. The place itself is the ultimate verdant sanctuary in Roxas City offering the perfect safe haven and Eco-friendly atmosphere. Radiant trees, serene lagoon, and magnificent flowers that blooms beautifully scattered throughout the premises providing a tranquil mood.

Here are some of those mesmerizing photos proving that Espacio Verde Resort is the best place to be in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

Espacio Verde Resort

Espacio Verde’s famous date palms along the promenade provides a perfect spot for a relaxing walk.

Espacio Verde Resort

Terazza is simply the place for you to have quality time with friends and family while having some sumptuous snacks surrounded by the lush and verdant flora.

Espacio Verde Resort

Enjoy the serene view of the lagoon with the majestic view of the clubhouse’s facade in the background, isn’t it magical?

Espacio Verde Resort

When staying in one of Espacio Verde’s garden villas, don’t miss the chance to witness the astounding break of dawn followed by the radiant sunrise.

Espacio Verde Resort

Walk around the premises by jogging through the promenade with the date palms on both sides while enjoying the refreshing view of the viridescent scenery.

Photo credit: Espacio Verde Resort

My Top Winter 2017 Anime List

Finally, the Winter 2017 anime lineup is here and I actually made a full list of Top Winter 2017 anime to watch on my main blog “Yu Alexius“. However, I’ll post here the Top 5 anime from this season that I’ll surely keep an eye and will definitely watch til the end. I still have this hangover of the Fall anime lineup especially the heartwarming story of Natsume Yuujincho Go which also happens to be my all-time favorite anime series. And I am seriously looking forward for its 6th season this 2017. Nonetheless, I believed that winter 2017 is full of amazing and definitely excellent anime shows.

My Top Winter 2017 anime list are as follows:


Tales of Zestiria the X (Season 2)

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas

Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas


Scum's Wish

Scum’s Wish


Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers

KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Season 2)

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (Season 2)


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Paella Cravings 101

abuelo-paellaIt sure feel nice to have a relaxing seat in a destination surrounded by lush verdant scenery, a view of the serene lagoon, a pool with gigantic slides where you can see people having fun, and a marvelous palatable dishes on your plate. That’s what you get at Espacio Verde Resort. Their foods are substantially amazing, enticing and drool-inducing.

The best that I can recommend from their Spanish-inspired restaurant “Abuelo” is their classic paella dishes with different varieties. Yeah, it’s not just your ordinary paella dishes that you can find on the streets or at your home. However, it sure gives off the homy feeling and tastes great with various stuffs puts into it.

They have 4 varieties of paella dishes at Abuelo namely: Abuelo’s Paella, Paella Valenciana, Paella Negra, and Beef Sinigang Paella. Continue reading

The Best Makoto Shinkai Anime Film: Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.)

Your Name. Anime Film
Your Name. "Taki and Mitsuha"

Your Name. “Taki and Mitsuha”

A romantic comedy story with time-travel drama is seriously an amazing twist for an anime film. That’s the flakes of entertainment that Kimi no Na wa. has to offer to everyone. It’s the latest film from the master animator himself, Makoto Shinkai. The name that gave us the melancholic The Place Promised in Our Early Days, the heart wrenching 5 Centimeters Per Second, the mesmerizing Children Who Chase Lost Voices, and the magnificent Garden of Words. Now, his new film titled Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.) literally surpassed all of his amazing anime films and it actually keeps on breaking box office records in Japanese movie history since its release on late August of this year.

Your Name. is a love story that transcend the distance between time and changed destiny itself. It features the story of love, friendship, determination with astounding music on the background and visually stunning animation. In my own opinion, Garden of Words visuals are magical and of higher quality than Your Name. but the latter was seriously amazingly done.

Kimi no Na wa. "Your Name" Key Visual

Kimi no Na wa. “Your Name” Key Visual

When it comes to storytelling, Your Name. have its own magic which you can easily distinguished from the rest of Makoto Shinkai films. Though, we can’t hide the fact that there are so many scenes in the film that reminded us of 5 Centimeters per Second, especially those trains. Continue reading

My Sinking Ship

The lonely boat is about to sink

With the troubled paddle which is pink

In the dark grey sky when the birds are mourning

And I can see the shadows crying.

This ship is about to sink

Its patience is on the brink

With no single words to say

But whispering sighs in dismay.

My ship of loneliness will surely sink

And I badly need some wine to drink

This world is full of lies and deceit

And my only advice is to watch your step.