My Pandemic Story: How Did I Earn Money Online with Ezoic in my Anime Blog?

The Covid-19 global pandemic had affected us in many ways, sometimes it hits close to home, making us uneasy for our safety and our family, some people are losing their loved ones and some are losing their jobs. In the Philippines where I am situated, the cases just don’t seem to subside at all and I knew some people grieving for their family or friends, and many had lost their only source of income. This pandemic had shown us that everything is fragile and we can lose people, privilege, and things we treasure in a blink of an eye.

In my case, I am lucky enough to keep my job in the tourism sector. I am working as a Sales & Marketing Officer in a local hotel here in Capiz. While I knew that it is risky, I have to keep on working, furthermore, the huge effect of the pandemic and community lockdown had affected the tourism industry in various ways. While I was able to keep my job, our company had to lessen our duty days, thus this resulted in us getting a lower salary during payday. However, such is not the case with the bills, it just keeps on rolling and I have to find a way to deal with it. And this is where my anime blog, Yu Alexius comes in.

I’ve been blogging since 2015 but to no avail, I just can’t monetize it for so long because I felt that I am not knowledgeable enough in the business side of blogging, and my technical skills including SEO is not sufficient. However, there’s a certain platform on the internet that helped me learn so much in the past 2 years and that is EZOIC.

Yes, EZOIC is one of the platform online that helped me survive through these trying times all thanks to its amazing features that ranging from artificial intelligence ad testing, it’s BIG DATA ANALYTICS which I believed is a gold mine for data analysts, SEO practitioners, content creators and researchers; furthermore its other tools like the Title Tag Tester, and Site Speed Accelerator are doing great jobs too in producing the results that I desired.

How Did I Earn Money Online with Ezoic?

Now, let’s go to the question in this topic – How did I earn money online with Ezoic? It all started when one of their account managers had contacted me, I had first ignored it then after 6 months, another person from them contacted me, that was around February 2019 and that time, I tried using it. I remembered it is February 6, and that staff from them helped assist me and answer my questions. So I sign up at Ezoic that day.

Signing Up to Ezoic

I signed up at Ezoic, then after creating the account, they will give you a list of things that you should do, and my account manager that time had helped me through it by giving me some instructions to follow and links for the tips and tutorials. Among the task that I did that time are as follows:

  • Integrate my blog to Ezoic through DNS
  • Signed up at Google AdExchange
  • Set up placeholders through Ezoic Ad Tester

Voila, it successfully integrated after 24 hours. The ads started to appear too but unfortunately, I didn’t make any thorough effort that time and for the next several months. I only earned few dollars that time, around $20-$30, and at first, it didn’t really bother me, my traffic isn’t that great, and I only started monetizing my blog so I could have some extra bucks that I can use to pay for my domain and hosting, and pay for some stuff online.

As time goes by, I keep on writing content and didn’t come up with any decent strategy. I am already happy for having meager traffics that time, until I realized, if other anime bloggers are earning online through their blog, why can’t I try exerting more effort? I saw some of my contemporaries keep on growing such as Anime Motivation, MangaThrill, and many more; while I am still stuck writing random anime content to make time passes by.

In 2020, I started to utilize its features, especially Big Data Analytics.

Big Data Analytics: Gold Mine for Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Here’s one of my favorite features of Ezoic. I only used this before to track my traffic, the revenues, and EPMV, and which pages or posts in my blog are earning the most. However, there’s more to this tool than that.

Big Data Analytics is a gold mine for bloggers and content creators. It helped me a lot in building my blog as I work on plans and content.

For example, I can see which pages or posts generate the most income and offer the biggest value and EPMV at a certain time. That’s when I can formulate a better strategy to strike while the iron is hot, like driving some more traffic into the post through social media outlets and email outreach. I could also make some tweaks on old posts and drive some more traffic to those high-earning pages from those old posts.

This figure shows my most popular pages from January – March 2021, and the revenue generated through it.

Big Data Analytics also helped me find out which content generates the most revenue. For example, which categories are earning and which one gives meager amounts. This helped me focus my time and effort on the topics that boost my blog and revenues, and I discovered how my readers interact with my content.

Another feature that helped me boost my revenue is the keywords that it gets from my Google Search Console. Unlike the Google Search Console where you can only see the visits, impressions, CTR, and position, Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics also shows the value of those keywords, which one has bigger EPMV than the others. So, as a content creator, I can formulate better content based on these search queries which will highlight what my readers want and also generates more income. So, it’s a win-win situation.

It also shows a lot of useful info about the flow of the visitors in your blog, the sources of traffic, and whether those traffic sources are generating enough revenue. You can also check which demographics gives you the most revenue, so it’ll help you target which audiences and topic you should try to write more about.


Another feature of Ezoic that I’d like and will play an important part in my blog is LEAP. It’s the tool that helped website owners and bloggers test the user experience through page speed and the Google Core Web Vitals. Upon installing LEAP, my Google Pagespeed Index went from 35-80 (mobile), and 75 to 100 (desktop). I’ll keep on working out this one until I get my desired output from it.


I often don’t share stuff like this, especially online but for the sake of showing proof that Ezoic had helped me ease the heavy setbacks of the pandemic to me, at least financially; I’ll be sharing my revenue report from the first three months of 2021. This is far lower than any of the bigger sites out there but I think that if I continue moving forward with Ezoic and exert further effort, I can see some promising results. So far, I am quite satisfied with this as I can do my 8-hour daily job, and still, some earn some revenue from my anime blog passively.

Income report from January 2021 – March 2021

My Ezoic revenue from January to March 2021


If you’re also asking if you can try Ezoic to run ads in your blog, I believed that it is possible especially if you’re providing good content to your viewers, do not violate Google terms and conditions, and has a sufficient amount of traffic, that would be doable. Ezoic had a minimum requirement of 10,000 monthly traffic to get a site approved. However, in June 2021, Ezoic has removed the 10,000 pageviews requirements to open their door to more bloggers. I think that’s good since other bigger Ad Networks require a lot from their publisher when it comes to traffic. The minimum payout is only $20, which’s pretty low compared to others which require at least $100.

If you wish to sign up for Ezoic and get to monetize your anime blog, you can join through this LINK. (note this is an affiliate, you can help me earn a small commission by using my link). 🙂

The purpose of this post is not to brag and so far I knew that this is still a small feat but I am thankful, and to be honest, I am still learning through this. However, I want to inspire some people and hopefully, I can reach some of my fellow anime bloggers who wanted to try monetizing their passion. Nevertheless, this is an explorative journey for me and I hope I’ll get to share with you more of my experiences as my blog and I keep on growing and evolving through this learning process.

My Top 10 Eurovision 2021 Entries

Hey guys, it’s the Eurovision season again and I am excited for the contest to commence next month. It feels good to have its fever again embracing all the fans after it was cancelled last year because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Barbara Pravi from France

Well, it’s been ages too since the last I posted about Eurovision here, so I am quite happy to finally do it here again and this time, I will share my top 10 favorite entries from Eurovision Song Contest 2021 which is set to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands after Duncan Lawrence won the competition with his song Arcade in 2019 which was held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Without further ado, these are my top 10 ESC entries this year and I hope one of them will be the winner.

My Top 10 Eurovision 2021 Entries


First in my list is France and I must say that this is real quality, Barbara is a queen of elegance and she’s a classy artist. The very first time I watched the video of her victory in the National Final, I know she’s a strong contender and this is not just a song, but a piece of art and this is the quality that should win.


Here’s another masterpiece in French language and an emotional roller coaster. It’s deep, vague and meaningful, a timely relevant theme of the world’s current status. What a deep message, charming performer we had here, and an enchanting experience overall.


Not really being bias, but Italy always sends quality every year and this time is no exempt. They send us a powerful entry and that could awakened our hearts either by its sound, lovely romantic language, or artistic vibes of the band MĂĄneskin.


Destiny won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, and I won’t be surprised if she’ll win another ESC title too. Her vocals are just amazing, and a song that perfectly fits her. Can’t wait to see what she had in store for us in May.


This song is a grower. I used to ignore it during the early days of 2021, but damn, it is so good, powerful and emotional. Plus Blas Canto is such a nice guy, with a fragile voice that could melt your heart away. Now, this is one my personal favorites from this year and the English version even makes it even more amazing.


Unique, authentic and not playing safe, Ukraine’s entry is a fantasy one albeit it sounds a bit weird when I first listened to it. It started to grow on me then, the revamp version makes it even better and authentic as it gets.


A bit creepy when it comes to vibes but this one is also a masterpiece on its own right. Would love to see this in the upper part of the scoreboard.


Lourder than ever, Finland sends another rock band this time and I am exciting for this one. I felt like Italy and Finland will compete for the votes of rock fans this year but it’s a good thing that both entries are great, and Finland’s reminds me of those mainstream songs from America from my high school and college days.

Czech Republic

It’s current, hilarious, and there’s a lot of things that Benny Cristo could play around with his entry this year. It’s flirty, upbeat and good to listen at the radio. I love the song, but I also love Benny Cristo and his hotness. ^^


Another song with deep message, a bit melancholic but properly interpreted by Roxen’s voice. I could keep on listening to this all day long.

My Other Favorites

Here are some of my other favorites this year:

  • San Marino
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Lithuania
  • Israel
  • Cyprus
  • Iceland

My Lockdown Romance Pinoy BL Review: Simple Yet Sincerely Relatable

Hey guys, I would like to share a short review or shall I say my simple thoughts about My Lockdown Romance, a Filipino boys-love film from Abs-Cbn.

My Lockdown Romance

First of all, the story is quite generic and I don’t think it is special in any way possible but it sure is timely relevant in this time of the global pandemic, it is also relatable in many ways, as a gay guy, this film had brought back so many nostalgic moments from my high school and college days, and even til now that I am a full-grown adult. I felt like it gave me the chance to look at my life retrospectively at some point.

My Lockdown Romance is a story between two men who are old friends from college days but were reconnected during this pandemic and find solace in each other presence and also deals with Tom (Jameson Blake) restraint feelings towards Kendrick (Joao Constancia).

Alright, here’s what I have to say about it.

Jameson Blake is one of the main characters in this movie

First of all, I have a huge crush on Jameson Blake and that is the reason why I only watched the film without even knowing its story, its synopsis, or any hints about it. I have watched the trailer and it looks like any BL web series that appeared before it such as Gameboys and Hello Stranger (two of my favorites btw).

However, as the story develops I felt like it drives me into its world, into its narrative even though the beginning didn’t turn me on immediately. The story does have the usual antics that you can found from other BL, I might say that it took me a while too to find the balance and the chemistry between Jameson and Joao’s characters.

Nevertheless, what truly drives me into the story is the connection that I have felt towards Jameson’s character, Tom. The character itself is like a 101% version of myself brought into the story, the behavior and mannerisms, and so many traits that were shown in the film, it seems like I am looking back at myself and then I realized how deeply invested and connected I am into it as I delve deeper into the story.

Just to take note of some key points there, Tom’s crazy side is definitely me. Tom’s angry side, innocent side, emotional side, and a whole lot more reminds me a lot of the past versions of myself, as well as what he had experienced with Kendrick from their college days. The film itself got me a little bit crazy too.

Video chat has been the way to cope up things in this pandemic times from every series and movies we had lately.

I have to give a thumbs up to Jameson’s portrayal of the character, it feels refreshing as well as Joao on his character as Kendrick, they both show a side of Pinoy BL that I don’t often see from the others. Gad, Tom’s girl best friend is also a  nice addition among its characters, she’s the bright radiant counterpart of Pearl from Gameboys. They’re both crazy and sure are fun to have around as friends.

So before I end this post, I would like to say that the music that was used in the film is interesting and appropriate to the story. It further fuels the emotional side of the story, while also keeping the vibes so contemporary that showcase a glimpse of modern Filipino music.

Now, my final say is that My Lockdown Romance is an emotional trip down the memory lane for me while also admiring Jameson’s handsome face, good acting; the same can be told to Joao too. I felt like I still have a love and hate relationship with the core of its story but still, now the movie sits along with Gameboys, and Gaya sa Pelikula as my top favorites Pinoy BL.

Have you guys watched it? Please let me know your thoughts about it. If you hadn’t watch it yet, you can check it out here: Here are the 5 ways to watch ‘My Lockdown Romance’

My Experience with Pinoy Boys-Love Series

Gameboys Episode 10 (innovative production during pandemic)

Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last time I posted here and I am back to share another update, and this time it’s about my addiction to Pinoy boys-love series which really saves me from depression during this pandemic aside from anime stuff.

Hello Stranger

This addiction actually started with Hello, Stranger which premiered almost 5 months ago since I had a huge crush on Tony Labrusca which played one of the main roles in it. While scanning on YouTube for Hello, Stranger I also came across Gameboys. This Pinoy bl actually aired few weeks before Hello Stranger and I saw it several times before but didn’t check it out yet until Hello Stranger was out. So, I started my Pinoy bl craze with Hello Stranger then eventually fell in love with Gameboys even more. I have binge-watch the first 4 episodes of Gameboys and it has been my guilty pleasures since then, I remember it took me until 3 AM to finished it as I have watched it after my series of anime watchlist that night.

Gameboys, we got 2 great actors here.

These 2 series had been a life-saver for me during the times when my sanity is almost at its limit. What’s even more amazing is that it reminded me of my high school and college life. As a gay guy, I can’t deny the fact that I saw my younger self in the portrayal of various characters in the story and it will make you think, “how good and crazy it is to fall in love unexpectedly”. Imagine all the “kilig” that I had from these 2 series and, in the end, Gameboys had been a fantastic one for me as it has set the bar so high for any boys-love series until now. The social relevance embedded in it, the Filipino culture, the depth in its story, and the adorable chemistry between Elijah character Cairo, and Kokoy’s Gavreel. Now, I have watched more Pinoy boys-love but this one still sits atop of the list for me.

After Hello Stranger and Gameboys, I also started In Between, and this one is a cute experience for me and it makes me want to have my own “tropa” too like the “BOOM HAROT!”. Their friendship is amazing, though I am not really buying the love story of Otep and Tau, and even the other characters, the friendship that they all shared is just something that makes me envious a bit.

#MyDay the series

Next on my watchlist had been #MyDay and Quaranthings. Here’s the tea though, it took me almost 4 weeks before I started watching these two although I always see them in my recommendations. In fact, I have watched the first episode and then dropped them then wait for another week to finally watch it for real since I had run-out of shows to binge-watch. And that’s it, I am glad that I had accumulated the courage to watch it again as I can’t forgive myself in case I haven’t check it out again. #MyDay had been a tremendous Pinoy bl series for me that awakened almost every gay cells in my body for so many reasons: the cast is cute, omg Aki and Mikko’s chemistry are overwhelming, how I wish they can be a couple for real. Yeah and Mikko caught my attention so much, he just reminded me of an old fling I had from my college days and yes, the resemblance is just something I can’t ignore. Well, the story is very light, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me anymore, it’s like it is in the chill-chill mode but yeah, the chemistry got me, and it really treated me to one of the hottest, smokiest and convincing kissing scenes from any bl series so far. On the other hand, Quaranthings had been my average experience or maybe I just can’t see the chemistry between the 2 lead stars but hey, this was a fun experience for me.

I had started Gaya Sa Pelikula. I had always keep an eye on this since I had a crush on Paolo Pangilinan. Yeah, guys, I have plenty of crushes and it just intensifies the gay blood running in me. I think this is my next favorite Pinoy bl right after Gameboys due to its depth and social relevance, and I have to admit, it’s a well-written complex story that tackles so many societal issues involving the LGBT and other topics.

Ben x Jim (excuse me but Jimson is almost perfect)

Ben x Jim, I think this is one of the huge productions among Pinoy Bl just like Hello Stranger, so Ben x Jim is from Regal Entertainment, with actor Jerome Ponce and social media influencer Teejay Marquez on the lead. I must say the first episode turns me on immediately, probably because the acting is just so good and Jerome is a versatile actor. I mean I have some of his previous shows and he could act so good. Meanwhile, Teejay seems to be okay he surprised me that he can act that good and yes, the chemistry between them is pure delight. In Tagalog, Ben x Jim is the bl story na gumising sa katawang lupa ko.

So I shall end this post with that, albeit I still have other bl series in my watchlist, they didn’t capture my attention yet the same way as the titles that I have mentioned above. Furthermore, I wasn’t able to finish some of them yet, I mean I’m still in the first episode so I can’t give my opinion yet while I have seriously dropped the others for real.

So if I have to rank them, I think that would be as follows:

My Top 5 Pinoy Boys Love Series


Production: The IdeaFirst Company

Director: Ivan Payawal

Main Cast: Elijah Canlas and Kokoy de Santos

My Rating:

  • Story & Depth: 5/5
  • Chemistry & Kilig Factor: 4/5
  • Character Development: 4/5
  • Final Impression: 5/5

Gaya sa Pelikula (ongoing series)

Production: Globe Studios, Juan Miguel Severo

Director: JP Habac

Main Cast: Ian Pangilinan & Paolo Pangilinan


  • Story & Depth: 5/5
  • Chemistry & Kilig Factor: 3/5
  • Character Development: 4/5
  • Final Impression: 4/5

Ben x Jim (ongoing series)

Production: Regal Entertainment

Director: Easy Ferrer

Main Cast: Teejay Marquez & Jerome Ponce

My Rating:

  • Story & Depth: 3/5
  • Chemistry & Kilig Factor: 5/5
  • Character Development: 4/5
  • Final Impression: 4/5

Hello Strangers

Production: Black Sheep Productions

Director: Petersen Vargas

Main Cast: JC Alcantara & Tony Labrusca

My Rating:

  • Story & Depth: 3/5
  • Chemistry & Kilig Factor: 4/5
  • Character Development: 4/5
  • Final Impression: 4/5


Production: Oxin Films

Director: Xion Lim

Main Cast: Mikko Gallardo & Inaki Torres

My Rating:

  • Story & Depth: 3/5
  • Chemistry & Kilig Factor: 5/5
  • Character Development: 3/5
  • Final Impression: 3/5

That’s it. I shall update this blog post sometime in the future as I delve deeper into the Pinoy bl series craze and hopefully, I’ll discover some more gems.

My Thoughts on Gameboys The Series: On Boys-Love and Relevant Issues

Elijah Canlas as Cario & Kokoy deSantos as Gavreel

Hey guys, it’s been ages since the last time I published a post here and this time I would like to share the web-series that help me survive through the community lockdown that we had in our area these past few months. It’s the web series Gameboys from The Ideafirst Company and directed by Ivan Payawal, starring Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas. At first, I was thinking of making a reaction video but realized that I am quite a sucker in front of the camera so I decided to share my thoughts here instead.

As a gay guy, Gameboys had hit me on a personal level and in various ways, it’s a series that bring forth reflections for many people in the LGBTQ community. Therefore, I’ll share my experience of watching it here and what’s even funny is that I am not interested to watch it at first. I’ve been scrolling on YouTube and looking for anime updates about various upcoming series, I always see the first 3 episodes of Gameboys in my recommendations but didn’t really bother to watch it until Hello Stranger Episode 1 was released. Yes, that’s another BL series from the Philippines and it has my idol Tony Labrusca in the lead role. So, I first watched Hello Stranger Episode 1, then with some unknown force strike me, I eventually went on to binge-watch other BL series on YouTube, that’s where I decided to watch Gameboys.

Cairo vs Gavreel in playing the game of love.

And just like a work of magic, I fell in love with the series with its first 5 minutes. I even hated myself for the fact that I didn’t watch it earlier. That’s where all this journey of kilig, drama, and comedy started as Gameboys had been a lifesaver for me since I had random anxiety attacks these past few months and it is making me more neurotic than usual. I binge-watched the first 4 episodes of Gameboys and then, the series had given me a reason to look forward to Fridays.

Gameboys gang (Cairo, Gavreel & Pearl)

Gameboys tackles various relevant issues amidst this pandemic and it’s amazing how the production team was able to make something ordinary yet fresh despite these challenging times. It is a story about family, friendship, self-love, acceptance, defying the stereotypes, and finding love and a sense of belonging in times where the whole world is struggling for survival.

Among my favorite issues that Gameboys tackled in family ties and the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in our daily lives. Just like anyone of us, one of the series main character Cairo had a family member who is battling the disease and the series did a good job of highlighting how this pandemic is affecting us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The story is a series of intertwining narration as it also involves Cairo’s horrible experience being outed in his school, thus leading to the current situation where his dad was infected by the virus. This is due to the fact that Cairo runaway and his dad had searched for him everywhere, thus getting the virus along the way. In the midst of all this drama, Cairo had been struggling deep inside as he blames himself for all these messes. This is where Gavreel entered in the story who really likes Cairo. He forced his way into Cairo’s life and destroyed all the walls and barriers that the latter had built upon himself. This started a funny and hilarious friendship which later ended up as a romantic affair and what’s even funny is that both characters have their own persona which opposes one another, making their interaction hilarious and genuine.

Gavreel and Cairo finally met

The series also tackles various issues within the LGBTQ community and I was amazed at how it was able to put emphasis on topics that really matter and bring it to a new light. In issues about gender-role or label that a same-sex couple should have, instead of labeling one as husband and the other as a wife, they both used husbands which really did have an impact as opposed to the mainstream perception of the subject within the community. They are able to bring forth a dramatic story of forgiveness especially when Cairo and his best friend Risa had finally reconciled after the latter outed Cairo. There’s also the character of Terrence, the bitter ex of Gavreel that tries to destroyed Cairo and Gav’s budding romance. We had experienced an awkward encounter there but it finally got fixed with each of them coming to terms with their own weakness and struggles while giving us a convincing story of letting go and moving forward.

Gameboys also thrives in the existence of the character that every one of us loves and that is Pearl, Gavreel’s ex-girlfriend turn best friend. She’s our weekly dosage of good vibes and inspirational advice while also giving us hilarious moments with all the punchlines she threw. She’s the best friend material that we all deserve and we all wish to have. She’s supportive of Gav and Cairo’s relationship although her entrance int he story did give some rift between Gav and Cai.

Gameboys ‘Queen’ of 3rd wheel: Pearl 🙂

Gameboys truly set the bar so high for boys-love in the Philippines in various ways. The story was almost perfect. The actors portraying each character are amazing and talented. The music used in the series were catchy and what’s even more amazing is that they stick with the OPM vibes here and even had non-mainstream artist sang it which further adds some magic in the series. Among my favorite songs in the series are Panalo Ka, Ngayon, and Isang Laro.

In terms of production quality, Gameboys must have been among the most innovative series that I had seen so far from the Philippines that utilize its resources digitally. Since the production team cannot meet up due to community lockdown, actors and staff have to do their tasks in their homes. Even the actors must do the task of setting up the camera and other equipment as well as preparing their area for the shooting. The director only has to give instructions via call, or on the web. I think what makes Gameboys successful is that the people working behind it are all talented people who really aspire for the best possible quality of their production. Despite their shortcomings, they’re able to produce a show with so much quality in every aspect.

Cairo and Gavreel kissed at the end of episode 10

Alright, so this is where I shall end this review of Gameboys webseries. I had finished the first 10 episodes of Gameboys already. The 10th episode is supposed to be the original finale of the series but luckily we got 3 more additional episodes after the series got extended. In the end, I know for a fact that Gameboys will go down in history as the boys-love Filipino series that sets the bar so high and became a trendsetter through its innovative ideas, and fantastic cast members and staff.

If you wish to watch GameBoys, it’s available in this playlist by the IdeaFirst Company with English subtitles: Gameboys boys love series

Images credit to The Idea First Company

New Trailer for The King’s Avatar Season Unveiled on Ye Xiu’s Birthday

Hey guys, a new trailer for highly anticipated The King’s Avatar anime season 2 had been unveiled last May 29, 2020 and that is God Ye Xiu’s birthday. We couldn’t be more happy than this since it’s one of the most anticipated Chinese anime of 2020.

To be honest, I have mixed thoughts about this new trailer of The King’s Avatar anime’s 2nd season. First of all, I felt great to know that the project is still ongoing and the production team are still working on it. For many people, it seems like The King’s Avatar anime season 2 is a dream since it’s been almost 3 years since the season 1 ended and all we got all this time is the 3-episode OVA last 2018, and the prequel movie last 2019. I couldn’t be more happy to have The King’s Avatar season 2 new trailer unveiled last May 29, it’s a perfect birthday treat a day after. I really felt like I am so lucky although it’s not mere coincident since it’s Ye Xiu’s birthday too.

Now, I have to share some of my frustrations too about it just like the other fans of the Chinese anime. We all know that Colored-Pencil Animation is the new studio of The King’s Avatar anime series, they previously worked for the 2018 OVA and the prequel movie which were both an eye candy for me. So, it is noticeable that the animation quality and style is far different from BC May’s first season of The King’s Avatar. The thing that quite surprised us is the character design of Ye Xiu, Lord Grim, and other characters. It seems like the whole series will be getting a make over with brand new character designs which I think is valid. However, in the new trailer, the characters, most especially Ye Xiu looks younger than ever. Yes, he looks younger even than the Ye Xiu we’ve got from the 2018 OVA. I have no problem with this personally, but it quite changed our impression of God Ye Xiu, the badass one that we’ve got from the novel.


For the content of the new trailer, not much has been shown. It only shows Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim in the in-game world of Glory, and a certain arena fight against Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain. I believed that’s the chapter in the novel where Ye Xiu had a mini reunion with the other professional players of Glory, right before his comeback for the challenger’s league.

If you wish to know what are some things that we should look forward for The King’s Avatar season 2, I have prepated a list about it in our blogpost:

15 Things to Look Forward in The King’s Avatar Season 2

For the content of the new trailer, not much has been shown. It only shows Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim in the in-game world of Glory, and a certain arena fight against Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain. I believed that’s the chapter in the novel where Ye Xiu had a mini reunion with the other professional players of Glory, right before his comeback for the challenger’s league.

If you wish to know what are some things that we should look forward for The King’s Avatar season 2, I have prepated a list about it in our blogpost:

15 Things to Look Forward in The King’s Avatar Season 2

From the last announcement of Tencent, The King’s Avatar season 2 release date wasn’t unveiled yet but it was listed as part of the 3rd quarter lineup of the company. Thus, we can expect for The King’s Avatar to return on either July or August. I won’t be surprise if we will get the announcement few days before the actual premiere since Tencent always do that. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers-crossed and watch-out for the return of the best e-sports anime out there.

From the last announcement of Tencent, The King’s Avatar season 2 release date wasn’t unveiled yet but it was listed as part of the 3rd quarter lineup of the company. Thus, we can expect for The King’s Avatar to return on either July or August. I won’t be surprise if we will get the announcement few days before the actual premiere since Tencent always do that. For now, I’ll just keep my fingers-crossed and watch-out for the return of the best e-sports anime out there.



Hey guys, this had been a hard time as they had been so many good episodes this time I wish I could put them all in top 10.

1. Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front -Babylonia- That was such a lit and amazing episode with such high quality animation. I love Enkidu, but I love Gilgamesh evenmore, however Merlin stole my heart this week.

2. Hoshiai no Sora – I can’t believe I am falling so bad for this. The music is just fantastic. The story and those ambiguous vibes were just too much for my heart. Furthermore, this is a well-written episode to be honest.

3. Sword Art Online III – War of the Underworld – The moment Alice struck that sword in the ground, I knew it’ll be lit.

4. Ahiru no Sora – Damn, this story of an ugly duckling is a real inspiring one with great writings backing it up.

5. My Hero Academia Season 4 – That was just a brutal episode but Overhaul is such a fine young man. Definitely a dangerous villain. Plus, Todoroki and Bakugo stints never gets old, and finally, we have Sir Nighteye in our plate.
6. Fairy Gone – this is a pretty intense and dramatic episode. I am sincerely happy that the anime is getting better because the first season was quite terrible for me. There’s still the usual flaws but I could tolerate it.

7. Blade of the Immortal – pretty insane bloodbath. That was one solid animation of fight scenes.

8. High School Prodigies Have it Easy Even in Another World – I just love this kind of isekai. Though it’s pretty generic, something is effective on its execution and I just want more from this.

9. Beastars – the music is sick, especially the opening theme. This is a rather insane story and quite different so I am really enjoying it. I am just wondering what’s with Legosi & Louis though?

10. Kono Oto Tomare! Season 2 – dear heaven, thank you for showering us an episode highlighting Tetsuki Takaoka at some point because I felt like we need it big time. Plus, that Takezo and Hiro scene going shopping really spice up the story even more.

Honorable mention:

11. We Never Learn: Bokuben Season 2 – another hilarious episode and it’s really amazing!

12. Babylon – this episode is just seriously insane. I love that girl though.

13. Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 – alright, this is the start of major character development for King and Diane and I am wanting for more.

14. Ascendance of a Bookworm – Main is really my alter ego I think. I just love the plot of this anime and it was finally starting to be entertaining.

15. New Cooking Master Boy – I just love this episode, maybe it’s because I am quite addicted to shumai. ^^

16. Food Wars Season 4

17. Assassins Pride

18. No Guns Life

19. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

20. Oresuki

Top Leftover Shows:


2. Fire Force

3. Vinland Saga

Alright, which anime shows did u enjoy the most this week guys?


Hey guys, I have here our first weekly chart of the season as follows:

1. My Hero Academia Season 4 – this episode had made me teary eyed to be honest without getting intense.
2. Blade of the Immortal – damn, the quality of the animation and the graphics is just aesthetics. It’s quite gory though.
3. Assassins Pride – Kufa Vampir had stole and killed my heart srsly. He is the better Kirito that I could like anytime.
4. Bokuben Season 2 – those discussion of coincidence about cup sizes is just a huge victory.
5. No Guns Life – man, I felt like getting a Full Metal Alchemist plus Cop Craft vibes here.
6. Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia – that awesome animation simply awakened the Fate fan inside of me. Plus, Gilgamesh is my best boy personally. :3
7. Stars Align – It is quite normal but I definitely enjoyed this cliche.
8. Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun – best music? check! Funny grandfather? Check! Absolute comedic appeal? Triple check! This is a big surprise for me to be honest.
9. Food Wars! The Fourth Plate – I am not a big fan of this franchise, but this episode had satisfied me sincerely.
10. Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods – White blood? Seriously Studio Deen were quite surprised with that, the animation and the quality is something to adjust with. Good thing Perfect Time had been playing in the background gloriously, too much nostalgia with this anime’s music.

Honorable Mention:
11. Ahiru no Sora – Slam Dunk vibes. I have high hopes for this anime though.
12. Granblue Fantasy Season 2 – I felt like getting a better vibes here compared to the 1st season.
13. Kono Oto Tomare! – as much as I love this anime, I felt like the opening episode wasn’t its best. Nonetheless, it’s a good start.
14. High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World – I could feel the Classroom of the Elite vibes here. The lewd kissing scene is a big surprise though.
15. Cautious Hero – damn, I felt like we are having the best comedy of the season here. Could this be Konosuba’s successor? We will see soon.

Top Leftover anime
1. Fire Force
2. Vinland Saga

Which anime did you enjoy the most this week? Please let us know by leaving your comment below.


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Hey guys, we have here our TOP 10 ANIME OF SUMMER 2019 – WEEK 9.

1. GIVEN – an episode filled with so much emotion and power. It definitely proves that it’s not just your average boys love anime and there’s more to its plot than what its label says.
2. Dr.STONE – Senku and his experiment had been a consistent no. 2 most of our weekly chart. It’s really amazing that it always give us an amazing ride with humor that we can’t resist.
3. Fire Force – the animation is really beautiful and solid, so far Fire Force and Vinland Saga is fighting for best animation of the season. This episode is just pure lit and action-packed.
4. Vinland Saga – effing bloody and insane. Vinlanda Saga treated us to an amazing fight scenes once again and this time, I am simply wanting to know more about that giant man and his relationship with Thors.
5. The Ones Within – it’s great to learn that we really had a decent progress in the story and now, we’re delving deeper into this conspiracy. I simply love how strong our favorite characters are and how unique they are. Well, my best boy Kai will always be my no. 1 though.
6. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san Season 2 – perfect, adorable and romantic. This show is just making us all fall in love without being direct and brutal. It’s so pure.
7. Astra: Lost in Space – Yes, more revelation, more surprises and more mysteries still pop ups that needs to be discover.
8. Granbelm – it’s the first time of this powerful but cute mecha anime of young gorgeous mages battling against each other to fulfill their wish. Yes, this is Fate series with Gundam shenanigans executed with a very solid animation.
9. O Maidens in you Savage Season – oh dear, Nina is on fire and she’s still my favorite girl. Very solid narration and I just couldn’t wait to see the progress of their complicated yet pure romance stories.
10. How Heavy Are the Dumbbell You Lift? – all thanks to BARNOLD SHORTSINATOR! Haha, this anime never fail to surprise us and give us an amazing show no matter how corny its humor is.

11. Gorgeous Butterfly: Young Nobunaga – This is a very painful episode and I wish I could comfort Kichou here. Still, the animation and visual were quite solid with so much bishounen running around.
12. Danmachi Season 2 – intense but quite lacking in animation. The story is really good this week and I really felt Mikoto’s pain. If the animation and visuals were done quite good, this could enter the Top 5 I think.
13. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest – A breath of fresh air, Arifureta is back and it’s really amazing to see Hajime’s encounter with his former friends. Yes, I love sensei so much.
14. If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord – Pretty cute episode. Nothing spectacular but cuteness overload and beautiful scenes.
15. The Wasteful Days of High School Girl – Never fail to make me laugh each week. This girls are all funny and definitely, we could all relate to their high school life one way or another.

1. Demon Slayer – it’s the Hashira that makes us all crave to learn more about the story and what secrets they hide. It even spur so much hatred towards the Wind Pillar though.
2. Carole & Tuesday – Ezekiel song is so badass and total slap of reality to each of us. I can’t wait for the continuation next week.
3. Fruits Basket (2019) – taking a look in the backstory of my favorite girl in the series Saki Hanajima is really painful, and amazing.

Which anime did you enjoy the most guys? Do you agree with our list? Please let us know by leaving your comment below.

Companies and works that supported The King’s Avatar: For the Glory

With all of this, I think this clearly shows the value and place of The King’s Avatar in the donghua industry and community. It is one of the biggest Chinese anime titles that brought donghua to international scene and opened the world of Chinese anime to global community. In my own honest opinion, The King’s Avatar is breaking boundaries here, and as the donghua that opened the path for me to Chinese animation industry, I will always have The King’s Avatar atop my personal list of phenomenal Chinese anime because that’s where its glory resides.